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Comment It can be improved (Score 4, Funny) 301

The most unsuspicious way would be to have the smartphone selfdestroy itself by shorting the battery or by executing code that overheats the CPU when the appropriate PIN code is entered. This is the reason why I always buy Samsung smartphones: nobody would blame me if "accidentally" it catches fire

Comment There are three methods to dilapidate a fortune. (Score 4, Funny) 232

The first one is with women, and it is the most enjoyable.
The second one is with gambling, and it is the fastest.
The third one is with engineers, and it is the safest.

It seems that mr. Nardone, to be 100% sure of the outcome, used all of them.

Comment In a related news: (Score 2) 101

It has been discovered that candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon exists only as a hologram. No traces of his life on Earth have been discovered up to now, and he exists just under the form of a computer bot that once in a while interacts with real world through holograms. Further investigations are casting doubts about the reality of other politicians in the world: the lack of connections between politics and world problems is makes a strong evidence for the case. Is the world actually managed by an algorithm ? More at 11.00.

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