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Comment Local Perspective? (Score 1) 144

Err.. It's great reading how everyone is praising her and saying she deserves every bit of it. Frankly I don't take Nobel Award seriously anymore, I mean Obama has one, that didn't stop the drone attacks against Pakistan..right? Well, now lets talk about education. In Pakistan we do have an education system which to be honest isn't that great, boys and girls both have to chance to get education, however due to backward nature of some regions they can't really study. They're told to study Quran btw and then seek education. Being a women in Pakistan isn't that easy especially when you're stuck in some Taliban influenced area. However, I can't recall her actions and campaigns actually making any real change, we do get some media attention but the schools which are still open are empty not because their aren't students, it's because the teachers don't care. It's basically corruption that is killing everyone here. Sure she is brave and stood up for education but at the same time, she is being promoted for other means. Lot of children who share the same fate as her and have been killed already. Still I don't see any real change in my Country. She is making a small change but I can assure you, she is being led on and being pampered by other AGENCIES for their own agenda. It's pretty much the way everything goes in Pakistan. NGO's, charities. They all say they're going to HELP people but in the end, they don't get anything. And if you're going to give the same level of education that I got, then it's better not to get educated at all. Seriously the course is outdated and isn't close to any International standard. But oh well. At least everyone has something to look forward to. In the mean time we sit and watch as protestors sit in the capital and demand for freedom and people get beaten and arrested for asking for freedom and their rights in Pakistan and here we see the flags for education. I ask you, when the Government is corrupt and won't listen to people, how can you run an education campaign? Everyone outside of Pakistan thinks that giving us education would fix things, it won't education can't work because the people in-charge wouldn't let it work. Google PTI Protests etc

Comment Pakistan Most Effective Filter (Score 1) 484

Youtube is banned in Pakistan because people here are too retarded, cancel that, because the Government here is too retarded. I mean Google banned the video anyway, why the hell did you ban effing Youtube. For Thor sake, it's just stupid. If you don't like the video, DON'T WATCH IT, if you can get easily trolled then don't use the Internet. I am just pissed off, they always do this shit. If one party doesn't take something down, they will ban the complete range, fucking terrorists.

Comment Welcome to the Party (Score 3, Informative) 413

I have a Generator that can power my computer and house and a decent UPS that can run my system without any issues. To reach this point I have been through hell. In Pakistan the power crisis has only gone worse each year. I can't remember the last day when the power didn't go out. Every day it goes out for 8 hours or more. It's literally a hell hole for online business. I have trained myself to work in harsh conditions in the past which included running the computer and keeping the fan off (40+C temperatures) and before that I would usually shutdown the PC before the power went out. I literally memorized the power schedule and I would constantly keep working and then powering off and then coming back to work. That routine was amazingly harsh; you were put under a lot of stress physically and emotionally. Now, even with this backup solution you still get pwned because the gas prices are high here and if you venture outside you will just roast yourself. In short, India is just facing a major blackout just now but Pakistan has been facing this for years now.

Comment Youtube and now Twitter (Score 1) 226

Well, PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) has a filter list which includes websites like pastebin and dozen of porn websites. (twitter was blocked from the backend without notifying the ISP's) I have literally used 90% of Pakistani ISP's, from high end Nayatel to PTCL ADSL. The problem lies with the management, whenever they find something offensive their first course of action would be to block it, I haven't seen a single example where the so called higher ups would just act like grown up men and ignore things or move on. I mean how difficult is it not to watch porn or search for Muhammad pictures, what the Pakistani AUTHORITIES don't understand is that the Internet isn't controlled by them, what these so called idiots can't comprehend is that their religion isn't valid in other states and they have no right to enforce their pre-historic rules on others. But well, they don't listen. They can bone little girls, throw acid here and there and literally steal money from people but when someone on the Internet says something about Islam they can't control themsevles. The funny thing is, we don't even follow Islam here. I mean they kill, cheat, lie and do whatever the hell they want, even our President is an asshole who steals money and does nothing. I am surprised that the Internet takes Pakistan seriously. This Country has little or no potential slashdot, the people here can't change.

Comment 10.1 saves the day. (Score 1) 320

Read this: I have been using Adobe Flash player since 10.1 beta3 and I have to agree it's amazing. I am using Nvidia 8500GT on Windows 7 and playing 1080p content using flash player is really great. Before getting this card which offers DXVA2 my system would cripple playing youtube 720p or in most cases 480p videos. From browser lock ups to various errors, I have seen it all. I highly recommend this update to anyone with a decent GPU [which is supported by adobe].

Submission + - Adobe Flash Player 10.1 Released. Win, Mac, Linux (

LordDfg writes: After a long wait, Adobe has finally released the Flash Player 10.1, which offers GPU Acceleration. If you have a Graphic Card [Nvidia 8400+/ATI HD Series] which supports DXVA2[Directx Video Accleration] it will accelerate flash content using it (Less load on the CPU). If you have a low end system and playing youtube HD videos is nearly impossible this simple update will make your life easier. No need for Core2Duo processor to enjoy High Defination Content on the InternetInternetInternet. Btw it also accelerates flash games. In short, anything that uses Flash will offload all the processing to the GPU.

Submission + - iPhone 3GS 4.0 GM Jailbreak (

LordDfg writes: Remember msft.guy? who fixed the blacksn0w unlock for iPhone 3.1.3 05.11.07 baseband? and who recently released binary which enabled blacksn0w unlock port for iPhone 3GS, on iOS 4 Beta 4 (formerly iPhone OS 4). Well the guy is back now! He has posted PwnageTool bundles for iPhone 3GS, iOS 4 GM release which you can use to jailbreak your iPhone 3GS, while preserving your baseband so that you can unlock using ultrasn0w or blacksn0w.


Comment Happens all the time. (Score 1) 249

Well, it's better than finding porn or child porn on your gadgets. [Not]. In Pakistan most of the cds sold in shops [pirated] are infected with viruses, this also holds true for any consumer product which is tested by the shop owner. Not many people are tech savvy here and they don't understands the risks involved when dealing with storage devices. It's a shame to see Olympus screw up in this case, but sooner or later it was bound to happen. I hope that in future they will keep an eye on things. inb4theusednortonsecuritysuite. Btw there are numerous free Antivirus software’s which can easily take of the problem. I recommend Avast.

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