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Submission + - SPAM: Are MMOs subject to US state use taxes?

Lord of Hyphens writes: "I was talking with a friend about the use taxes many states have, and the question came up if online games that charged a subscription fee were subject to a use tax, as the fees represent a service that could be shown to be consumed in the taxing state. Sales taxes could also apply (servers located in a given state == business presence). Could these games be taxed under the existing laws, and why haven't our lawmakers decided to help themselves to this revenue stream?"

Submission + - Music industry convenes, finds some sanity. (

Lord of Hyphens writes: "The Register reports on the global conference by the music industry... and apparently some consensus emerged on the following:

  • Prosecuting end users is silly — when you can monetise them
  • Since "piracy" today means "get free music", the future has to offer something that "feels like free"
  • Vastly wealthier industries than the music business today profit from the demand for recorded music — without giving anything back. That isn't fair, and it's got to change
  • Digital music services of the future need a better deal than the begrudging and piecemeal licenses offered so far by rights holders: but these have to be so attractive only the suicidal would want to turn it down.
"The era of levies is over," said one participant. "Government isn't going to step in and hand us a business."
It's about time they realized they were "shooting themselves in the foot", to borrow El Reg's phrasing."


Submission + - Psion: the last computer (

Lord of Hyphens writes: "In what they calls "the longest story" they've ever run, The Register takes a long look into the history of Psion and the Protea project.

From the article:

Many of the stories here are being told for the first time — and as they unravel, we can ask why Britain had a consumer electronics giant that never was.

Why not?

I've tried to answer the question in three parts. A look at the Protea project — which produced the Series 5 and gives an insight into Psion's skills. Then we pick up the story after the launch of the computer, up to Psion's exit from the consumer electronics business after 18 years, in 2001. Finally the key figures tell the story in their own words.


Submission + - F-22 Radar Used as High-Capacity Data Link? (

Lord of Hyphens writes: "According to The Register, The USAF is looking at a new use for the F-22 Raptor's sophisticated electronics systems: control of grounded robotics.

[A]n alliance of Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, and L-3 Communications has duplicated the AESA ground tests in the air, using a Raptor radar mounted in a BAC 1-11 test plane to exchange data with a ground station at 274 Mbit/sec, "fully duplex". AESA radars are well able to handle two simultaneous information streams, apparently. All you need is an "off-the-shelf, L-3 programmable modem".


Submission + - Internships/Co-ops for Elec. Engineering students?

Lord of Hyphens writes: I'm currently slogging through my bachelor's degrees in electrical and computer engineering, and I must admit, I'm starting to come up short with places to apply to for co-op and/or internships.

Amongst the mass wisdom of /., there must be enough suggestions to cover the vast breadth of jobsites.

What I'd "like" to do is integrated circuit design, area isn't that important (although mobile applications and microprocessor design appeals to me). I have a good deal of computer science experience in addition to my EE/Comp. E studies.

So, /., where's a place for me?

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