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Comment Highly unlikely to pass (Score 2) 688

Too many out there that have demonized it and more still that have bought in to that propaganda.

If passed, it could very well see an increase in tax revenue and a decrease in crime.

If passed, it would no longer be as expensive, there by reducing some of the crime that is said to be from people committing the crimes to pay for their pot. The states would get a revenue boost as it would likely be taxed like tobacco.

We'll see.

Comment Re:Thank God.... (Score 1) 265

The problem with ZA and other Windows firewalls is the users install stuff regularly that requires internet access and get in the habit of allowing the connection. It often becomes so frequent that it becomes Pavlovian. Users see the box and click Allow without thinking.

The same will happen with Linux. With the desktop variant, they will see a dialog asking for their password to install and do it without thought.

As much as it pains me to say, Windows has gotten better. My Windows machines stay relatively clean without much in the way of intervention.

IMHO, Linux is still better, but it is partially due to the users.

As far as I am concerned, 90% of all virus and malware infections, regardless of the platform, is PEBCAK!

Comment Re:It's the repost! (Score 1) 539

You are assuming that the others are not as that is not mentioned in the article.

Now if it was stated that the others refused to comment on it, that would be different. But as it states that MS comprises 30% of thier business, it is possible MS was the only company that Daily Mail contacted.

-1 for assuming!

Comment The real problem... (Score 1) 388

is not the texting per se, but the lack of intelligence of the driver. Washington state has passed a law prohibiting talking on your cell phone without a hands-free device for the same reason.

I know several people who can drive and talk on or text with their phone without a problem. The key is, they know better than to do it in heavy traffic that is moving more than 10 miles/20 km per hour.

The same problem occurs with individuals carrying on conversations with their passengers, reading the newspaper, changing their radio, etc, etc, etc. It comes down to common sense. Which is, unfortunately, less and less common these days.

People just need a boogie man to blame for the problems and today's society says it is politically incorrect to say that many people are just stupid when it comes to driving. We, as a society, need to grow a set of balls and call the stupid people stupid. Their feelings are not protected by any laws.

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