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Submission + - Vodafone Pay As You Go (vodafoneoffers.org.uk)

MobileUpdates writes: Vodafone Pay As You Go offers freedom packs, text unlimited, free weekend package & lot more. Vodafone Pay As You Go plans are best for unbelievable low calling & sms rates.

Submission + - The bootleg iPad that runs Windows (pcpro.co.uk) 1

Barence writes: Steve Jobs may have thrown a hissy fit about running Flash on the iPad, but in China he's got much bigger problems. Reporters working in the teeming electronics malls of Shenzhen in China have already stumbled across fake iPads, some of them with very unusual features indeed. "After extensive queries with multiple shopkeepers, one surnamed Lin offered the sought-after item in a dark backroom on the market's fifth floor away from the hustle and bustle," the Reuters journalist reports. "Hefty and thickset with three USB ports and a more rectangular shape than the original, this knock-off with iPad aspirations runs a Windows operating system." That's one way to get Flash on an iPad.

Submission + - Google fined for someone else's graffiti (smh.com.au)

Sabriel writes: Google's appeal against a 2008 defamatory anonymous posting on Orkut has been denied in Brazil, and Google fined $US8500 ($9100) for the crime of being vandalised. In the words of the judge, Alvimar de Avila, "By making space available on virtual networking sites, in which users can post any type of message without any checks beforehand, with offensive and injurious content, and, in many cases, of unknown origin, [Google] assumes the risk of causing damage [to other people],".

I'd submit a more blunt opinion of this farce, but it might be considered offensive and injurious content... I wonder if he's related to the judge in Italy?

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