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Submission + - US bill would mandate backdoors (

Lord Ender writes: The White House is preparing a bill which aims to make surveillance easier for law enforcement by outlawing all forms of communication not capable of complying with government wiretap orders. The law would also require foreign makers of open source communications software to include back doors in their products, decrypting users' messages at the demands of the US government. "No one should be promising their customers that they will thumb their nose at a U.S. court order; they can promise strong encryption. They just need to figure out how they can provide us plain text," said FBI lawyer Valerie Caproni.

Submission + - San Francisco requires cell phone radiation labels (

Lord Ender writes: Poor phone reception may soon be a selling point in San Francisco. A city ordinance was just approved which requires those selling phones to indicate the "specific absorption rate" (SAR) caused by the radio transmitters of the phones. Cell phone industry groups opposed the law. The FCC already requires phones sold in the US to have SAR levels below 1.6 W/kg, though adverse health effects from such levels of radio exposure have never been conclusively demonstrated.

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