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Comment Re:BUILD your own NAS (Score 1) 98

You're looking at easily 1/3 or 1/8th the price(depending on where you live) for non-ECC vs ECC and more capacity.

Where I live ECC costs about 30% more than non-ECC, and with RAM prices being so low these days, this is more than affordable for the extra safety ECC brings.

The bigger issue is with the cost of motherboards and CPUs which support ECC.

Comment Re:Multiple cameras? (Score 1) 81

Can't you just use several cameras?

I have a Panasonic sub-compact camera with a mixed-light setting that that takes multiple exposures of the same scene and processes them together into one properly exposed image.

In this brief PDF they do mention the innovative part, though without details sadly:

Typically, HDR images are developed using multiple cameras or multiple exposure sequencing. The game changing approach implemented here is to create high-speed HDR video imagery utilizing a single camera without time sequencing.

Camera exposure will instead be controlled at the chip/pixel level and then integrated into a high-speed video camera. The resulting HDR capability will be easier to install and operate within the SSC test stands because the entire system will be contained within a single camera; this is a completely revolutionary and innovative means to generate HDR capability with high-speed video when compared with the labor-intensive steps associated with the careful alignment required when multiple cameras are used to generate similar imaging results.

So it seems they have per-pixel exposure control, rather than a full-frame exposure control.

Not sure how that works, perhaps instead of letting the charge build up on a cell and then read all the cells after time T, they time how long each cell takes to charge, and after a cutoff time T, measure the charge of the remaining cells?

The idea being you use the time-to-saturation as a measure of brightness for over-exposed areas, while the traditional charge level for the well-exposed areas.

First thing that popped into my mind, but then I don't really know the area so yeah... may be a very stupid idea :)

Comment Re:Easy (Score 5, Interesting) 385

If you cannot afford to buy something with cash, then you can do without it.

There have been serious suggestions here in Norway to forbid cash payments for various things. This includes buying tickets from bus drivers, paying at restaurants and for purchases above some threshold (think 2000 USD and such).

The bus drivers don't want to have cash because of robberies, the tax administration wants to make it harder for restaurant owners to cheat, and the police wants to make it harder to launder money.

We're not there yet, but I'd say it's coming soon.

Comment Re:They do. (Score 1) 159

No, not this at all. A lot of people are making this mistake. It's not what the submitter is talking about.

Of course this is not what the submitter is talking about, I never said it was.

The need for high framerate in VR is mainly due to rotation of the head, which is exactly what time warping is good for.

If one were unable to rotate your head and could only translate it, VR wouldn't have the same need for 90+ FPS.

I can't see how motion compensation would do a better job, in fact I don't quite see how it would be any good at all.

So yes, very much "this" indeed.

Comment Re:That far? (Score 1) 77

If one can spell apoapsis and periapsis correctly, surely one can spell "brake" and "braking" correctly.

Can, yes. Will always... apparently not.

For some reason I don't quite understand I've been rather sloppy on break/brake lately. Then again, I write way less English than I used to (it's my second language).

Oh well, thanks for the heads up, clearly I need to pay more attention to what I write.

Comment Re:That far? (Score 4, Informative) 77

Why would they perform a braking maneouver resulting in orbit outside Callisto?

Juno is planned to have a very elliptic orbit. It will go close to collect data, then move far away to have time to send the data back to earth. They want to spend as little time close to Jupiter as possible to minimize radiation damage.

Also, the larger apoapsis means they can expend less fuel when breaking. If you just want to be captured, you get as close as possible to the planet and break until you're just gravitationally bound, which will result in an orbit with a very large apoapsis and very small periapsis.

Comment What's so terrible about Bandcamp? (Score 4, Interesting) 240

What's so terrible about Bandcamp (which is the digital music service I love)?

They seem to be doing pretty good, they're growing as well as being profitable.

Best part (IMO) is that they also have lots of artists saying they appreciate Bandcamp. Here are some comments from that blog post:

Bandcamp is the greatest platform for independent artists. I am glad to be a part of it, without it getting new fans would be difficult.

We release small independent music compilations since three years here on BC. We worked together with more than 200 artists in these years. The most of them publish their music on BC too. I can confirm: More people buy the music on BC. That is what the musicians say in talks. And even our pay what you want releases have a really good perfomance.

I've bought a lot of really great music on Bandcamp, the artists like it. So yeah, what's so terrible again?

Comment Re:So what does it do then? (Score 1) 485

What exactly is the point of it?

I had the exact same reaction, but then I spoke to a buddy of mine who had recently been lent a Tesla with the Autopilot while his older Tesla was being serviced.

He's a salesman so spends a large amount of time on the road. He said he really appreciated the Autopilot, because while he was still in "driving mode" (hands on wheel, eyes on road, feet ready), it allowed him to reduce his attention level a bit.

This again allowed him to focus a bit more on work-related phone calls (via his quite excellent hands-free, first few times I didn't notice he was driving), which made him more productive on the road.

Then again he did describe it as a more advanced cruise control, which is what it is, and why I agree that Autopilot is a bad name.

Comment Re:Why set timelines? (Score 4, Informative) 47

Why not use it until it's completely broken?

This[1] article says almost $100 million per year for the Hubble. So they'll have to compare how much science they could get per year for $100 million if they spent it on other projects.

But as long as it's fairly functional I imagine they'll keep it up there.

[1]: http://www.space.com/20799-hubble-space-telescope-23-years.html/

Comment Re: Why? (Score 2) 220

And why isn't it detecting waves on a daily basis? The universe is supposed to contain billions of black holes.

The black hole merger that was first detected had a peak power output that was 50 times greater than the total power output of all the stars in the observable universe.

The waves from that merger caused the arms of the LIGO detectors to differ in length by 0.000000000000000000001 meters, which is roughly like the earth getting wider by 10 protons.

This latest merger involved less massive black holes which should mean it had a lot less peak power.

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