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Comment Re:Everyone loves taxes (Score 2) 173

There you go being rational again! Get on board the "We ain't payin' to educate darkies" program and stop whining! Seriously though, it's hilarious to watch all of these anonymous cowards regurgitate the corporate party line like it's the be-all and end-all of American freedom, when it's really just an attempt to justify corporate rule.

Comment Re: Everyone loves taxes (Score 1) 173

At the very least he didn't bother to proof read what he wrote. At worst, he really doesn't know how to spell ejamacashun. From his right-wing attitude I would say he isn't terribly knowledgeable about much at all, and that would include the finer points of creative writing. "We don need no stinkin eduction!"

Comment Re: Truly (Score 1) 99

Of course not. For starters, the guy works 80 hours a week--or at least he said once he's trying to get it DOWN to 80 hours a week. The man is far from a parasite. Not that there aren't CEOs who are parasites, but Musk is clearly not one of them.

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