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Comment How does EA manage this? (Score 2, Interesting) 80

First they make DLC that can be covered in 30 minutes for 5$, then they make an expansion that is said to take 15-20% of the time it took to complete the original game and sell it almost full price (for a PC game). I preferred the not so old days where an expansion meant something as good, as long, as awesome as the original game (or better). Now it seems that they are just throwing bits and pieces and charging the big price for it. And don't get me started on DLC which is an even bigger joke, very small feature for 5$ most of the time. I bought the original game as part of a special, so I had both the DLC of the launch for the price of the game alone. But I doubt I will be getting the DLC this time unless the reviews are pretty damn good. Same with the expansion because it's hard justifying 40$ for something that's a fraction of the original game.

Anyway, I am currently going through my games I bought during the holiday sells and hopefully, by the time I'm done with them, the expansion will have gone down in price or someone will inform me that it's worth the price and I need to stop crying.

Comment Re:Well, to be fair, (Score 1) 746

Just report that a plane crashed in a field? You had it right in the first part there and it seems to make sense to me. If you actually know what kind of plane it was, then go ahead I'm sure the 911 personnel would appreciate. Usually when you call 911 and say a plane crashed, they will assume you know nothing about planes and will ask you questions on how it looked to identify the plane. If you just say a Boeing crashed when it was a Cessna, they might be looking at the wrong field and wasting valuable time.

In this case, reporting someone with a gun, or a big gun would have been perfectly fine. 911 personnel would have run through a few questions to identify the gun and threat level. Saying a general term if you don't know the specific is a perfect way to convey the message, but if you use a specific term as a generality, well lets just say the people might not react the way you wanted them to.

Comment Re:Well, to be fair, (Score 2, Insightful) 746

It's becoming more and more troublesome to have people use general terms for stuff they don't know. Instead they learn one specific term and apply it to the whole field. In this case, AK-47 instead of gun or automatic rifle, or for computers where every part of it is a hard drive. This is beginning to annoy me.

Comment Re:SC2 Lan Play (Score 1) 368

I noticed that myself. They keep saying that because people are playing online, offline mode LAN play is not required. They repeat the same thing using Warcraft 3 for reference and say that it 'did have LAN play, the vast, vast majority of people played on Battle.net'. At this point I just facepalm ragequit the article.

Comment Re:Fear 2's AI sucked. (Score 1) 58

I don't know what's to praise about the AI in FEAR 2. For me, it's just horrible AI with well thought out lines to make the immersion better. Under no way will I praise bots saying "Advancing" when the target is out of view or "Take cover" when a grenade is near. The AI in this game is below average at best.

Here's a little something that happened TWICE yesterday as I was playing through the game:

I enter a room with cubicles and 4 hostiles that aren't aware of my presence. I shoot to kill one of them and take cover behind a wall (room was shaped in L form). At that time I hear the hostiles saying "Flush him out".

*grenade lands somewhere*



As I turn the corner, I notice all 3 remaining hostiles are dead. And this isn't a 1 time fluke, the next room had hostiles and they heard the gunfire, they launched a grenade at the closed door, which bounced back in their face.

2 rooms cleared, 1 bullet used. My main weapon: Crappy AI

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