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Comment Re:RTFA (Score 1) 1972

Empty right? I guess free speech is an empty right too because others have the right to not listen. The store can ask you to do anything, and except for a few things (like leaving their property if they ask you) you don't have follow their orders.

> Any thoughts on how to keep goods from leaving the store unauthorized, without violating someone's rights?

Ummmm door alarms and tagged merchandise, Security cameras, Security guards/employees observing customers, Those big curvy mirrors, those tags that leak ink if you don't take them apart right, those plastic lock thingies on CDs/DVDs, putting valuable stuff behind the counter, or locking it up and requiring an employee to get the items for you, or asking for you receipt? Actually the number one thing they could do to prevent shrink is point a camera at the loading dock and the employee break room. About 50% of all shrink comes from employee theft.

You know 99% of people who are asked to show a receipt probably do. Why would a company open themselves up to a suit by detaining or assaulting the 1% who don't? It seems like they're not even following their own procedures for catching shoplifters, they're just harassing some of their customers.

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