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Comment Re:Liability (Score 5, Interesting) 489

I've read it, and it is mimicking that through idiotic and restrictive End User License Agreements. For the software.
There is no explicit clause that forbids tinkering with the hardware, but that seems to be enforced by the software. As in, change a part that has a microcontroller and it won't work without a John Deere technician coming and authorizing it.

Besides, if I read paragraph 13 correctly, the owner of the tractor has to indemnify John Deere and its dealers against all and any lawsuits, even if John Deere or the dealer is at fault for the cause of the lawsuit. That goes beyond everything I've seen in software EULAs so far. Those usually demand only indemnification against lawsuits that arise out of actions by the owner.

Comment Re:This is extortion (Score 1) 227

And why is it even necessary to negotiate here?

This could be sidestepped by telling, not asking the software vendors to fix their stuff within 90 days. Because after 90 days, the vulnerability will be made public. Either they fix their stuff or they can watch their customers' IT being raped :-)

Comment Re:What if you dont care about power consumption? (Score 2) 193


About 1 1/2 years ago, AMD was on its way out in the server market because the Opterons were not competitive enough anymore:
Now they are going to give it another try with Zen, and I think it is a promising try. But then again, Zen is not more power hungry than comparable Xeons. Maybe less so.

Comment Re:But radio plays a lot of Jay Z (Score 1) 203

I think a lot of what was independent radio moved online where it can reach a bigger base that isn't limited by physical geography. With the advent of the podcast anyone can have a show about anything and reach the entire planet (Local internet censorship rules apply. Check your country's rules.) which means its possible to support doing that as a full or part time job.

And there is YouTube of course, where people often put up music masquerading as video, showing a still frame and using the audio track of the "video" for playing the music.

Not so much for the big pop stars, their record companies seem to have pretty active lawyers who issue takedown notices pretty fast. But there is a lot of my preferred genre (metal) on YouTube, and those videos tend to last pretty long. It seems that those bands either don't have the money for employing teams of lawyers, or they tolerate a bit of YouTube piracy for its advertisement value.

That advertisement works by the way, my next CD order will contain three albums I discovered on YouTube:
    TT Quick - Metal Of Honor
    Insomnium - Shadows of a dying sun
    Redemption - Snowfall on Judgment day

Comment Re:They're noticing this NOW? (Score 2) 498

Not only "workflows" are affected, every long-running job without user interaction is too. Like big downloads on a slow internet connection, those can take several hours.
BTW, the computer going into sleep mode can interrupt those too, but at least you can usually resume those by "awakening" your PC.

For my own PC (still on Win7) I use the "No Sleep" tool and have set automatic updates to "Download updates but let me choose whether to install them". Works for me, but I understand that is no longer possible on Win10. Very bad idea and it makes Win10 pretty useless for people who have very long-running jobs.

Comment Re:What did the child specifically say. (Score 1) 254

While I don't have an Echo device, so I cannot try it myself, this sounds like it could be abused by a malicious prankster who researches the correct sequence of commands first.

The next step would be sending something like "Alexa, order me some anal porn" over the speakers in some larger venue. After that, Amazon would certainly backpedal ;-)

Comment Re:from 9.6% to 6.1% in 8 months? (Score 1) 228

The statistics from Net Applications (or at least some of them) are available at IMHO you need to take them with a grain of salt. Sometimes these statistics have fluctuations that are not really plausible. For instance, a few months after it fell out of extended support, XP had a strange peak where it increased in popularity by a few percent. Reportedly. I'm skeptical.

Comment Re:Zen pci-e lanes will crush intel and no DMI lin (Score 1) 139

Rumors (because that's what they are at this point) talk about 32 PCIe lanes for desktop Zen.
That is good but not exceptional, the better Intel E-series CPUs have 40.

But Zen will probably beat the E-series in price while coming (very) close in performance, much better than the situation with Bulldozer. That should be enough to shake up the market, please the AMD fans and maybe force Intel to rethink its very high prices.

In short, I don't expect Zen to be a wonder CPU, but I expect it to bring real competition back.

Comment Re:Easy fix.. (Score 1) 102

I agree about Microsoft's business practices, but that is not their only problem.

In the posts here and in the articles by Shamus Young ( Kunedog linked to, the software quality of Windows Store in combination with Windows 10 is described as pretty abysmal. At the same time, Steam works pretty well these days.

So I expect the Windows Store to become a fiasco of Zune proportions ;-)

Comment Re:This is welfare, nothing more (literally) (Score 1) 426

UBI will be nothing more than the current welfare program expanded. And if you think for a second any government will financially approve any more than BASIC bread-and-cheese income, you're delusional.

Yes, it will be a sort of welfare program. But the Finnish are planning a model experiment with UBI anyway, with the UBI being slightly higer than the current welfare rates. There is your government that at least considers the possibility.

And I think the Finnish approach makes sense. There is a growing part of society that won't get a job again, due to automation increasingly killing low-income jobs. Now in most of Europe this means a lot of bureaucracy for making sure that only really poor people get welfare. The finnish government expects more savings on the bureaucracy then the increase in UBI over the old welfare rates will cost.

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