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Comment Re:Capitalism (Score 1) 408

I think it would have to be on a case by case basis. Some people wouldn't want to play someone that presented no challenge. On the other hand some people can't stand to loose.

I can't stand playing video games with my wife because she just doesn't have an aptitude or interest in them so if we do play it's for one round then she'll be like, "Ok this is boring lets watch some TV". I often feel guilty because I have a really hot female friend that rocks at fighting games and I love playing with her. However there's always that tension because we are attracted to each other. We almost dated a few years ago before I got married, but because of the situation at the time things just didn't work out. I'm always afraid something will happen so I never have her over when my wife's not around. That also makes playing games with her hard since my wife usually just ends up rolling her eyes and wanting to do something else. I love my wife, she has many great qualities, but I really wish she enjoyed video games.

Hmm... you sound familiar! (=

XBox (Games)

Gamers Pay To Play With Girls 408

taucross writes "A new site allows lonely Xbox 360 gamers to pay a prescribed fee for a few minutes of game time with one of the 'PlayDates', a girl who is paid to play video games. Gamers can choose to have a 'flirty' or 'dirty' experience with one of the PlayDates. Is this what we meant when we said we wanted 'adult gaming'?"

Chilean Earthquake Shortened Earth's Day 374

ailnlv writes "Days on Earth just got shorter. The recent earthquake in Chile shifted the planet's axis by about 8 cm and shortened days by 1.26 microseconds 'The changes can be modeled, though they're difficult to detect physically given their small size. ... Some changes may be more obvious, and islands may have shifted. ... Santa Maria Island off the coast near Concepcion, Chile’s second-largest city, may have been raised 2 meters (6 feet) as a result of the latest quake ...'"

New Type of Dinosaur Unearthed 160

MileHighScience writes to mention that a new type of sauropod has been discovered by scientists from Utah's Brigham Young University. Dubbed Abydosaurus mcintoshi, the new addition to the long necked dinosaur family was discovered at Dinosaur National Monument. "The circumstances of its discovery were both unusual and dramatic. The researchers stumbled on four skulls in a quarry at the preserve. Two were still intact. Sauropod skulls are rarely found in the fossil record because the soft tissue from which they are constructed is unlikely to be preserved after death. 'Their heads are built lighter than mammal skulls because they sit way out at the end of very long necks,' Brooks Britt, a BYU paleontologist said in a news release. 'Instead of thick bones fused together, sauropod skulls are made of thin bones bound together by soft tissue.' Of more than 120 known species of sauropods, there have been only eight instances in which scientists have been able to recover intact skulls."

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