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Comment Re:And dont you DARE close your eyes or not listen (Score 1) 578

Replay TV didn't lose, they ran out of money before they could defend themselves:
"The lawsuit against SONICblue was stayed when the company filed for bankruptcy protection in March 2003"

It has not been tested in court. The broadcasters are terrified of another major loss like the Cablevision lawsuit:

Where the US court system found remove-DVRs (and DVRing) fully protected under US law.

Comment Re:Great way to cut down on the affiliate link spa (Score 3, Insightful) 623

The Supreme Court already made their stance on the exact Affiliate issue known:

"Quill Corp. v. North Dakota, 504 U.S. 298 (1992) is a Supreme Court ruling concerning use tax. Quill Corporation is an office supply retailer. Quill had no physical presence in North Dakota (neither a sales force, nor a retail outlet), however it did have a licensed computer software program that some of its North Dakota customers used to check Quill's current inventories and place orders directly. North Dakota attempted to impose a use tax on Quill, which was struck down by the Supreme Court."

Comment Re:Good thread with an Airbus pilot and some exper (Score 1) 449

This is correct as far as the response of the glass instruments, but remember that the airplane includes a full suite of primitives (pitch indication, among others).

The trained response for an Airbus pilot of this aircraft in a loss of awareness is to neutral the plane. Set the throttles to 85% N1 and point the aircraft at +5 degrees. This is the neutral position for that Airbus and will keep a safe altitude and speed until the platform returns. The pilots were trained to do this.

Comment Re:That reminds me of this (Score 2, Insightful) 80

Except that is entirely different. That is mostly what google street view does (except expanded with view bubbles). That is simply a long panorama. Google Street View is a panorama + 360 view bubbles.

Street Slide takes Street View-like view bubbles and intelligently stitches them back into a panorama for getting a good spatial map of an area. Then when you need to zoom back in, it pushes you into the correct bubble. It is much easier for a person to view and use than either of the previous models.

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