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Comment Not just banned from XBox Live... (Score 5, Informative) 453

I've been reading the argument that people have just been banned from XBL, because modifying your console somehow violates the TOS of XBL.

However, this time the ban does not just kick you off online multiplayer, it also disables functionality to install games on the included HDD! Games already installed on that HDD will not be accessible anymore. Also, any savegame you continue playing with on the banned console will get tagged with the result that you can't copy it to any other (banned or unbanned) consoles anymore.

Since a lot of people bought the Xbox360 with the ability to install games on the internal HDD right out of the box it can be argued that MS impaired the users' hardware in some way.
Also: it is rumored that it is possible for MS to band your console through future (mandatory) updates on game discs, even if you never played online. The technical capabilites are there, but if they ever start doing that their XBL-TOS-argument will be seriously flawed.

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Submission + - SPAM: Photoshop allows us to alter our memories

Anti-Globalism writes: "In an age of digital manipulation, many people believe that snapshots and family photos need no longer stand as a definitive record of what was, but instead, of what they wish it was.

It used to be that photographs provided documentary evidence, and there was something sacrosanct about that, said Chris Johnson, a photography professor at California College of the Arts in the Bay Area.

If you wanted to remove an ex from an old snapshot, you had to use a Bic pen or pinking shears. But in the digital age, people treat photos like mash-ups in music, combining various elements to form a more pleasing whole.

What were doing, Mr. Johnson said, is fulfilling the wish that all of us have to make reality to our liking.

And he is no exception. When he photographed a wedding for his girlfriends family in upstate New York a few years ago, he left a space at the end of a big group shot for one member who was unable to attend. They caught up with him months later, snapped a head shot, and Mr. Johnson used Photoshop to paste him into the wedding photo.

Now, he said, everyone knows it is phony, but this faked photograph actually created the assumption people kind of remember him as there."

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Submission + - - The wikipedia racetrack (

smuraliraju writes: "Check this website... and if you like it refer it to your friends.

Wikirace is racing from one wikipedia article to an other. Each wikirace has a start article and a target article. By clicking through wikilinks from start article, one should reach the destination article in fewest clicks/hops possible.

Wikirace is a knowledge game. It will need you to apply all your knowledge about the target article to find the best relationship with the start article. If you have no idea about the target article, wikirace provides you a reason to learn new things and expand your knowledge. is the first wikiracing website. It is the free wikipedia racetrack for wikiracers. Players earn points for every race they finish and every record they break. At players cannot edit articles which will ensure no workarounds. Year links, date links, category pages, list pages and few disambiguation pages are disabled to make races interesting."


Submission + - Microsoft Office 2007 on Linux with Wine (

twickline writes: "I installed Microsoft Office 2007 on a computer with Windows XP and then moved everything over to this box that has Linux on it. After moving Office 2007 over to the Linux box I had the joys of importing the registry settings from the XP install into Wine. After a week of working on this and tweaking Wine with dll overrides and registry settings I finally got most of Office 2007 to run in Wine.

This isn't a howto guide, this is only to show that its currently possible to run Office 2007 in Wine on Linux. In the future when I can put together a clean reproducible guide I will do so, so check back often if this is something that interest to you.

— With ScreenShots :D —"

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