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Comment Yes, because everyone is burning their smartphones (Score 1) 238

We definitely hate technology, it's evil! I can't tell you how many of my friends have been burning their smartphones and computers.

No, the real issue is that Science and Tech are just evolving at a pace that it becomes difficult to comprehend the implications of things. It's hard for organizations that move slowly like Hollywood and the government to keep pace. Most people love Tech and Science...

Comment You're going to need a bigger shield. (Score 1) 138

Why could someone theoretically not just launch a balloon outside the shield perimeter with a zoom lens capable of looking in on this?

Also, why are people going to such lengths for spoilers? To me, a true fan is someone who is willing to wait for the full experience with the wonder of not knowing ahead of time how things are going to pan out.

Comment Free will... (Score 1) 401

What really constitutes free will?

I think for something to have free will it would have to have it's own desires and the ability to act on them.

As humans we have many desires that ultimately boil down in some way to biology even if we don't realize it.

So I think to create a conscious AI you have to give it:

The ability to do things on it's own.

Hardcoded preferences for things to do as well as things it learns it likes to do as well as things it doesn't.

Comment Can we stop using the word bullying already for... (Score 1) 734

Can we stop using the word bullying for teasing, verbal abuse, etc. already? Bullying implies physical abuse on a regular basis. This is harassment at most unless I've read all this wrong and there was some physical abuse. My god it blows my mind that the POLICE are being called in because on kid is teasing another... I really don't mean to make light of the tragedy of this poor girl's suicide, but that's not a failure of the harassers. Harassing others, being harassed is part of growing up and if we don't stop this nonsense we're going to end up with a generation of people who are so fragile they won't be able to deal with the hard problems. This tragedy cannot be blamed on them, the blame lies with the school and/or the parents' inability to deal with the situation.

Comment Re:Hulu lost me with their other device BS... (Score 1) 169

I think for them to actually stand a chance they'd have to first stop that with the locking out other devices. Next step - make deals with all the people Netflix did somehow and get at least their catalog. (Unlikely) And then get newer stuff or something better. THEN maybe they could compete...

Comment Hulu lost me with their other device BS... (Score 1) 169

I have a Google TV and it would not let me watch Hulu on it without paying for Hulu plus. Considering they have nowhere near the catalog that Netflix does, I really don't see them as a serious competitor. They might have been able to get me to watch a commercial or two considering their small catalog, but they didn't want that either.

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