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Comment .LY domains (Score 1) 93 is down (and not resolving) as a result of this, and at least a couple of the root servers for .ly ( and are down, although out-of-country resolution is still functional (although, it's not clear to me if they're simply running off of caches). I suspect is pretty happy they've been pimping lately. :)

Comment Exclusivity (Score 1) 398

Yep. Basically, they're buying exclusivity.

Twitter recently bought Atebits, which produced the Tweetie 2 twitter client for the iPhone. Previously, Tweetie 2 was a $2.99 app. Upon acquisition, Twitter released an updated version, renamed it simply "Twitter", and gave it away for free.

You should see some of the negatives reviews that were left. Much wailing and gnashing of teeth, some of it angry that they paid for something that became free (ignoring the value they received in the meantime), but a lot of it sounding like, "I paid for this app because not everyone had it, now anyone can get it? Lame." (That's almost a direct quote from one of the complaints.)

Exclusivity is a tangible item to some people; it's what makes collectors spend ridiculous amounts to find that last item for their collection, or buy $24k Rolex watches. I might personally think it's ludicrous, but there you go.

Comment Re:And I thought... (Score 1) 551

Specifically, turn off data roaming. (Wi-Fi is fine.)

A trip to Canada in January netted me a $3k phone bill. $3k to use Rogers. There's a few Canadians snickering at the thought right now. ;)

For others in this situation: a call to customer support saying, basically, "OMG three thousand WTF?!" got me retroactively switched for the month to an international data roaming plan; I ended up paying the difference in cost to upgrade, which was still a few hundred, but after you've seen the $3000 phone bill, a few hundred bucks looks pretty good. I also learned very clearly: turn off data roaming, or make arrangements in advance to switch to an international roaming plan (wouldn't have been practical in this case, but would have been for a planned trip).

Comment Re:oh-so-special? (Score 4, Interesting) 363

Excellent point. Just to head off other people talking out of their ass (wishful thinking, I know), the pinout for the iPod/iPhone connector ought to be required reading before commenting on what it can and can't do. That connector provides interfaces for USB and Firewire, audio in/out, video out (composite and s-video), serial, and dedicated power.

It's not an ideal situation, but a single cable covers just about every possible use case. That's a big deal, ergonomically, and it means Apple can standardize internally on an interface across multiple product lines.

It's unfortunate: the knee-jerk reaction to "we need a universal charger" will miss the opportunity to standardize on a SINGLE interface cable for mobile devices, rather than using USB for power and data, a headphone jack for audio output, and who knows what proprietary arrangement for audio input and video output.


Submission + - University of Wisconsin- La Crosse Gives into RIAA

Anonymous writes: "University of Wisconsin- La Crosse gives into RIAA/MPAA

Subject: Re: RIAA/MPAA Requests

This is a communication we will be sending to all of our students after spring break...

The university has received communication from the Recording Industry of America (RIAA) that they will be approaching the violation of copyright law (downloading or sharing unlicensed music) in new ways. UW-La Crosse has never condoned students downloading and sharing music illegally and has taken action to educate and hold those doing so accountable. In the past, the university has notified the student upon notice from the RIAA and worked directly with them to rectify the situation. Sharing music illegally and violating copyright is a clear violation of the responsible use policy for computing resources. (

Now, the university may be in a position of having to identify these violators to the RIAA for possible litigation. We wanted to make members of the university community aware of this change of policy because it could have legal and financial implications for copyright violators. The university may also be asked to forward notices from the RIAA to violators who will have the option of an early financial settlement to avoid litigation. The university will be complying with the RIAA requests and the legal and financial responsibilities of violations are entirely belong entirely to the individual student.

If you would like assistance in removing what you believe to be illegally downloaded music, or the software used in sharing this music, please feel free to contact the ITS Support Center at 785-8774. We will attempt to assist you in the removal of such items, but will make no guarantees that you will be free from any violations and you may still be legally accountable.

For a news article on the issue, please feel free to check out: ege.reut/index.html

University of Wisconsin- La Crosse
213 Wilder Hall
1725 State St.
La Crosse WI. 54601"

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