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Comment Re:Forget Linux (Score 1) 584

It doesn't need a conversion. It has internal storage and uses SDHC and Memory Stick for storage expansion. When plugged in, it acts like any normal thumbdrive, so there's no extra software you need unless you want to use Sony's store. It also is one of the few readers that supports EPUB.

Comment USB video card? (Score 1) 347

There are some new external video cards that don't require anything but drivers and a USB port, such as the EVGA UV Plus. AFAIK, all USB video cards use a DisplayLink chipset, and there are rudimentary drivers here. It's not a very elegant solution, but if you want to use any sort of GUI, this should work.

Comment For now (Score 2, Interesting) 460

but one thing seems clear â" only full-time, for-profit professionals are able to consistently beat BD+.

At the moment.

I highly doubt that there's not a backdoor key in the encryption, no matter how much they try to block people from copying/backing up/ripping. Mainly because if someone buys a $300 player that can't play any current movies and has no internet connection, a law suit is just around the corner.

Comment Re:Bad crowd (Score 1) 202

One of the problems with the internet is that it gives people a chance to self select themselves into a tiny little corner of interstes that creates an echo chamber. I don't want recomendations from people I know to be prone to confermation bias.

And yet you're posting on Slashdot?

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