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Comment Re:MPG savings (Score 1) 290

Back of the envelope estimation here... the mirrors are probably 1% of the drag cross section of the car and the drag is maybe ~50% of the total energy loss in the car. So my guess would be around 0.5% reduction in fuel consumption. Over its life, your car might burn about 20,000 liters of gas, so you'd save about 100 liters, or about $100 (depending on exact prices). Of course, I'm likely to be off by more than a factor of two (but probably less than a factor of 10).

Comment Re:Interesting things in their laptop design... (Score 1) 6

... are that:

- the embedded controller (which handles keyboard, trackpad etc.) is programmable, and source code is available; and

- the trackpad is actually an LCD plus touchscreen, which opens some possibilities such as adding action areas with user-definable effects, or displaying audio level controls.

Dibs on a Space Invaders clone running entirely on the embedded controller. :)

awwww i wanted that one haha. no you're absolutely right, yes the idea is, instead of *guessing* where the trackpad scrollbars are, you *know* there the scrollbars are because you can see them. you can user-select in the main OS whether you want one, two or three mouse buttons... and guess what? they'll appear on the trackpad screen. woooow.

then also yes you can display audio controls (hadn't occurred to me, that one - i like it) but also battery status, even when the main computer card's totally powered down.

the possibilities are huge and it's kinda confusing as to why this hasn't been done before.

anyway - anybody considering patenting it BUGGER OFF - prior art. published. here. and on the arm-netbooks mailing lists. where it's been discussed. a lot. in public. indicating prior art. which cannot be patented. so don't try to deceive your investors. that's called "investor fraud".

Comment Re:Awesome Freedom! (Score 1) 6

Finally a device and electronics paradigm that respects users as human beings instead of seeing them as bacteria-like "consumers".

haha yeah i came across a marketing guy who liked to use the word "Durables" - products that last and don't assume we're pathologically capable of "consuming" our devices. have you tried munching on that circuit board today sir? "mmm, why yes i have: it's soo yummy. i love the way it crunches - reminds me of my ceral breakfasts i used to eat: now i get sooo much more roughage" and how did your MP4 stream taste today, sir? can i get you a side-order of dolby surround-sound whilst you CONSUME that video? like... wtf?? :)

so yeah... thank you for noticing.

Comment what do people expect? (Score 1, Insightful) 321

i'm sorry, but it states clearly in company's articles of incorporation, on penalty of the directors being struck off and imprisoned and/or the shareholders suing them, that they MUST maximise profits, to the absolute pathological exclusion of all else. ... so why is *anybody* surprised at the consequences? what am i missing? this is blindingly obvious to me (to the point where i'm actively doing something about it in the tech sector- see so why is everyone else simply complaining about the consequences instead of taking action to do something about it? what is it that i don't understand?


NRA Complaint Takes Down 38,000 Websites ( 565

Sarah Jeong, reporting for Motherboard:38,000 websites hosted by the automated publishing service Surge went down today, after the National Rifle Association sent a legal notice over a parody website created by the Yes Men. A few days ago, the Yes Men released the parody video, "Share the Safety" -- announcing a supposed NRA program to deliver firearms into the hands of those too impoverished to afford guns. The opening frame of the video says "Paid for in part by the National Rifle Association of America with additional support from Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation." "Systemic poverty and dumb laws keep the urban poor unable to acquire life-saving firearms," says the video, which is available on YouTube. "That's why we at the NRA are teaming up with Smith & Wesson to share the safety.â The YouTube description includes a link to the "official" website,

Submission + - EOMA68 Modular Eco-Computing Project launches on Crowd Supply ( 6

lkcl writes: An ambitious project running for the past five years to create eco-conscious cost-saving user-upgradeable computing appliances has just launched on Crowd Supply, with a 15.6in laptop housing and micro-desktop housing, with the first Computer Card in the series using an ultra-low-power Allwinner A20 Dual-Core ARM processor. Two main OSes are currently available: Parabola GNU/Linux-libre which is FSF-Endorsed: RYF Certification is being applied for, and Debian GNU/Linux is also available. The sponsors of the laptop housing — Thinkpenguin — have more about the privacy issues at their blog, Liliputing has an article, and Freedom's Phoenix Radio has a live interview with Ernest Hancock.

Comment how?? (Score 3) 97

the source code of android, albeit under an inappropriate license which encourages closed and proprietary behaviour, into which the linux kernel is "lumped" due to ignorance, is entirely and fully available. copyright law is simple: if the source has been released under a license, it may not be retracted (unless copyright law is changed and changed retroactively). therefore there *is* no way that the code can be "yanked".

however, what *could* happen is that because companies are critically relying on google - trusting them to just keep on rolling out releases that are blindly trusted, huawei and other companies could get themselves into a situation where they have no developers, have no expertise, have no knowledge of how OSes work *at all*, in-house.

in *this* way they could potentially end up over a barrel, so it makes more sense that they are just making sure that they have the programming expertise in-house, not least so that they have people that they can trust to review the source! what amazes me is that they are in effect admitting that they didn't have this expertise in-house before.


New Algorithm Could Help Predict Future ISIS Attacks ( 120

An anonymous reader writes: Researchers have developed a new algorithm which may help law enforcement agencies predict potential terror attacks. The computer model has a particular focus on the behavioral patterns associated with Islamic State (ISIS) supporters...
For eight months in 2015, the researchers tracked 108,086 individual followers on ISIS-related social media pages, noting that sudden increases in the number of pages "preceded the onset of violence in a way that would not have been detected by looking at social media references to ISIS alone." According to The Stack, the University of Miami team "used a mathematical equation typically applied in physics and chemistry to monitor the development and growth of pro-ISIS groups. 'It was like watching crystals forming. We were able to see how people were materializing around certain social groups; they were discussing and sharing information -- all in real-time... This removes the guess work. With that road map, law enforcement can better navigate what is going on, who is doing what, while state security agencies can better monitor what might be developing,..."

Comment who has the RSA private key? (Score 3, Interesting) 245

there is some empirical evidence - nothing concrete that can be shared publicly - which tends to suggest that the RSA private key that Intel uses is already known and in use. if nothing else, you should not be reassured that there have been no "gagging orders" that come out of the U.S. Government on a regular basis, preventing and prohibiting companies from telling anyone that "yes we have had the NSA knocking on our door and yes we were forced to give them the RSA private key because otherwise they threatened that whoops, it would be really hard to get export licenses for our processors".

this kind of threat by security services is not outside the realm of possibility: it already happens, and i have met someone who was present at a meeting (with GCHQ) in which this type of threat to destabilise their business model was actually made.

there is a really simple solution, here: don't buy systems with intel processors. that assumes of course that people are making systems for sale that don't have intel processors... and that's exactly what i'm doing. i'm not one for complaining *without* actually doing something about it, so if you'd like to sign up for the crowdfunding campaign which will launch very shortly, you can do so here -

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