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Comment I agree but.... (Score 1) 424

I agree. We DO need more video game control. We need to be able to stop shitty games being made. Companies that make shit games, EA I am looking at you, that use draconian DRM, UBI....again...., and just generally bring the industry into disrepute, all need to be punished. Severely.

Comment Re:I've asked this before, and I'll ask it again (Score 1) 495

They are trying to keep up with the Jones'. Chrome version number went from like 1 to 14 in a matter of what.... 2 years? And because it is Google, people trumpeted this saying, "Look, Google is introducing new stuff all the time! Wow!" when in reality probably 85% of what they released would have been a point update, or an increment update under the original FF scheme. But Google realised that people like big numbers and the APPEARANCE of progress.

So, in sum, faster release cycles because users are dumb.

Comment Cry more (Score 1) 166

So, people are expected to know what they sign up for and be responsible for it. I fail to see the news, other than a company is going to show just how many stupid people there are in the nation, and ones that do not take responsibility for themselves or their habits.

Comment Re:Too late... (Score 1) 121

<quote><p>Sadly they don't care what we think - if we pirate or don't pirate it doesn't matter as they will call you a pirate anyway.</p><p>A lost sale = pirate, no it can't possibly be that the game is shit so no-one bought it.... or the DRM is shit so no-one bought it.</p><p>As for those who are pissed off about "From Dust" having shit DRM - I have a simple rule for avoiding DRM: Does the box have a Ubisoft logo? Don't buy it.</p></quote>

Is the game available from Or is it freeware? Avoid it as it will have some form of DRM on it.
What? That limits you and ISN'T what you do? Well now, so there are some DRMs that you are fine with....either that or you are a moron prone to hyperbole.

Comment Re:just plain absurd (Score 1) 338

That is part of the catch though isn't it. They don't necessarily have to prove you guilty like they would in a court situation. Instead, now you have to take them to court and prove your innocence. And all so you can use what may be the only internet connection available to you. They couldn't win with their previous strategy, so they move onto plan B. And part of plan B is that a privately owned and run entity does not have to do business with you should they choose not to. See where this goes?

Comment Re:Oh great. (Score 1) 364

Funny.... my FF with no matter how many tabs never goes over 500 meg and usually stays around the 300 meg mark (usually have atleast 15 tabs open). I swear those who say memory leaks memory leak memory leaks must be using dodgy add-on and using a 30 year old PC with Bill Gate's recommended max memory.

Submission + - Namco Bandia sues CDP (

Llian writes: Namco Bandia, publisher and DRM supplier of the PC version of The Witcher 2, are taking CD Projekt RED to court, ostensibly over the removal of DRM.. None are fooled however, as it is more to do with the decision to use different publishing partner, THQ, for the Xbox 360 version of the game.

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