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Comment Re:I blame slashdot for Brexit! Hear me out. (Score 1) 1592

There are a number of obvious contributing factors to Brexit. Nationalism and selfishness are two of the most obvious.

You can't be a nation without some degree of nationalism. Too much and too little are both harmful.

You can't have enlightened self interest without selfishness. Again, either too much or too little can be bad.

Comment Re:An omen of a Trump victory (Score 1) 1592

Or, maybe there is more than one objection to the EU approach (or rather lack thereof) to cross-border migration.

Not wanting to compete for jobs with people who have lived their entire lives with a vastly different standard of living is not racism or any other bigotry. The difference is bigots are able to clearly articulate their objections. Others who feel something is wrong can't quite put their finger on what the underlying problem is.

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