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Comment Best Time (Score 1) 24

Best night will be Saturday, December 13th as the usual peak (time of maximum meteors) will be Sunday morning for the Central US. Just look up for a awhile, you can't miss it.

Unfortunately the moon rises around midnight Saturday and becomes a real nuisance by 1:00am CST. Once the moon is well above the horizon the sky is not so dark and you miss the fainter meteors. Likely your best show is between 8:00pm CDT Saturday night to 1:00am Sunday morning.

If its clear spend some time outside. I last watched the Geminids in 2012 and they put on a great show (no moon interference that year).

Comment Re:Something tells me they have had this for a whi (Score 1) 210

> it just makes more economical and strategic sense to go buy several smaller capacity cards and swap them out when full.
> But what do I know...

Not much it seems. Swapping a memory card while your in the middle of a timelapse sequence with the camera sitting up on a hill at night isn't very practical. This card isn't for joe hobbyist that snaps a few pictures.

I doubt they have had the ability to mass produce these in economical numbers until recently. Just because it can be made doesn't mean it can be made profitably if yields are small.

Really your whole idea about milking the consumer is kinda odd for someone on a tech site. Must be new to this world as this is how its gone for more than a decade.

Submission + - Kansas drops plan for municipal broadband ban (kansas.com)

Mokurai writes: "Facing public backlash over a Senate bill that would outlaw community broadband services statewide, Sen. Julia Lynn, R-Olathe, announced on Monday the postponement of hearings set to take place this week. Senate Bill 304 would prohibit cities and counties from building public broadband networks."

The bill was reportedly "introduced by John Federico, a cable industry lobbyist."

I didn't see this on SlashDot when it was introduced, but the Internet definitely responded to the threat of damage.

Comment Re:WHERE?!? (Score 4, Informative) 43

For meteor showers the statement "before dawn" is correct for virtually everyone, anywhere. The reason is simple: the Earth is rotating towards the forward motion of our orbital path and we tend to run into the most particles (meteors) at that time. Bugs on a windshield. You are right in bitching that in this case, the Perseid meteor shower is more visible for Norther Hemisphere observers. Not likely you'll see many down in Argentina.

I should note the best display of meteors is only going to happen when you are out at a dark rural location with an unobstructed horizon. Rarely do they tell you the forecast rates are for an ideal situation that few could possibly achieve. You will see less than 100 per hour but one meteor per minute is likely at peak and its pretty impressive to watch.

As to what part of the world will see it best does depend on your longitude, so it is related to your timezone. Good observation. The point of maximum meteor stream density, the peak of the meteor shower, can be narrow or wide. The Perseids are an old meteor shower seen for thousands of years and its peak is fairly broad, many hours. Therefor there is some latitude in your position.

The best source of information about meteor showers, including their predicted peak time, is going to be found on the International Meteor Organization (IMO) website. They have a "live" update running for major showers like the Perseids. Consult their yearly calendar for predicted 'peak' dates. Many yearly astronomical handbooks provide meteor shower information as well. [shameless plug] I wrote an iPhone app (Meteor Shower Guide) using IMO and American Meteor Society (AMS) data that calculates your peak time based on your phones timezone setting, and its in local time! No need to wait for someone to tell you about a meteor shower, it will add it to your iPhone's calendar if you like.

The question that always drives me crazy is when people ask "where do I look?". Just look up! If you go out to a dark site with a clear horizon you will see plenty of meteors during the Persied shower. You'd have to be asleep or looking at the ground to miss them. If its clear at your location Saturday night to Sunday morning get out and watch.

Comment Re:So (Score 1) 271

I don't watch Fox. I can't stand any of their programs, its too far right and typically also borderline insane. I listen to NPR and read my news at BBC or Reuters. Sorry. I still don't perceive Obama as doing anything.

Ok, I stand corrected. Regarding nothing getting done: true to some degree but do you think anything the president wants to do is going to make it through the House right now? Don't think so.

Also, our economy literally has little to do with the our current president and more to do with congress since the debt is their responsibility. Under Bush and his "executive branch has all the power" regime along with the republican ruled Senate at the time it pretty much ruined our economy, but so far Obama has done nothing to make it better other than pretend to get congress to "get along" and "compromise".

You don't see the disconnect with your own thoughts there? I will agree he needs to cut out the 'get along' bs and ram things through congress.

Comment Re:I agree (Score 2) 147

But if you place a windmill farm within sight of the prarie, this feeling of it being untouched will be lost.

Sorry that feeling is already lost. As I've actually traveled around the Flint Hills (further north than this proposed wind farm) you'll find the previous centuries oil rush junk abandoned everywhere. That and the power lines crisscrossing the landscape further spoils the view.

I've found the view of vast grasslands dotted with giant windmills rather attractive. Here is a picture I took from the Beaumont wind farm:


Thats about 150 miles north of the Osage area.

Comment Re:LAN parties (Score 1) 497

I believe you would typically fix that by finding the breaker box, determining which breaker that socket is on, and replacing the 30A (or whatever it is) breaker with a 20A.


However I've seen outlets burn up even when properly sized wires and breakers were used. In one case the outlet was very old and brittle, the other cases have been cheap sockets. In all cases it appears that a poor (sloppy/loose) connection between the plug's blade and the socket led to arcing.

That's why you should spend more than $0.49 for an outlet. That $3 commercial grade outlet really is worth it.

Comment Re:Uh (Score 1) 160

Twenty to thirty years ago you could still get actual news out of the newspaper or television. These days you gotta dig long and hard, intentionally and carefully, for the few nuggets lost in the slurry of spin, opinion, and the almighty Sports & Entertainment.

Not sure we've ever gotten actual news from the media outlets. By 'actual news' I am referring to the unbiased and accurate reporting of an event. There is and always will be a spin on the news. That can simply be not reporting all the details of an event, which leads to a reader's bias. It's interesting to read newspapers from decades, or even a century ago.

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