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Comment Procedure is wrong (Score 1) 2044

At this point in the process, regardless if you like what's in the bill or not, every US citizen should be opposed to the procedures that are being skipped to "pass" this bill. Here's a history lesson:

The US government is setup in three branches: Executive (President), Legislative (Congress), and Judicial (Judges). The legislative is broken down into two groups, the senate and house (called congress), and are the only groups that can actually pass a bill. The founders decided that the best way to keep the country from turning into a dictatorship and for everyone to have representation is to split up the law making process. Therefore before any bill can be signed into law by the president both chambers of congress must pass the same IDENTICAL bill, then the president can sign it into law.

Regarding the current proposed bill, the Senate has voted on and passed the bill while the House has not. What is proposed and is currently happening is that the house has decided that the they will not vote on the original senate bill and are deeming that the bill has been passed. What they will be voting on on Sunday are proposed changes to the bill. This means the president will sign the exact bill the Senate passed not the changes the house is proposing. Then the senate has to decide to vote on the changes from the house before the president can sign the changes into law (which has no guarantees of happening).

The major problem I have with this is the lack of accountability. When our constitution was created, there was a process put in place for a reason and I am against skipping the process. I realize this has been used in the past but and I am opposed to how those bills were passed as well. I doubt the majority of US citizens actually knew this was taking place. If one process is going to be skipped how long before congress starts skipping other ones and eventually leading to the president basically having sole power of what becomes law. I know it seems like a stretch but it's the little things that add up.

Comment Re:I don't have health insurance. (Score 1) 2044

Another problem with the proposal is that since insurance companies must cover pre-existing conditions is that one could choose to pay the fine (which could cost less than insurance) and then when a major medical bill arises apply for insurance. Doesn't quite seem fair to have someone not paying for coverage until they need it.

Comment Re:Uh, not exactly a voting machine security flaw (Score 1) 494

Saying that a printed receipt at the end of the voting process would have solved this, then yes it can be tied back into a machine security fraud.

Just because an exploit in the system didn't occur by a malicious means of backdoor hacking doesn't mean it's any less of a system flaw.

If a car didn't have locking system it would be considered a system security flaw in the same manner this is a system security flaw.

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