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Journal Journal: Politics; frustrations of being different 21

I'm having a lot of problems trying to find like minds. Unlike so many out there I don't get my views from a party platform, thus my views on some subjects are classified as 'liberal' other views are 'conservitive.' Here's a little detail; I think you will understand why I have such problem finding people who agree with me.

I am:

  • A Neopagan
  • A beleiver in christ
  • An agnostic (in the sense I believe it is impossible to know for certain)
  • A beleiver in evolution
  • A beliver that $Diety used evolution to get life here
  • Anti Pseudo-Capitalism (US's current economic system)
  • Pro individualism
  • Pro Government Social Programs
  • Pro Tax
  • Pro Right To Privacy
  • Pro Space Exploration
  • Closer to a supporter of the palistanian cause than the Israli
  • Pro Charity
  • in favor of the illegalization of private schools (don't abolish the schools, just make them public)
  • pro education spending
  • Anti-mandatory education after eighth grade. (If they really don't want to be there, they won't get much out of it anyway)
  • Pro Welfare
  • Angainst immigration restrictions (100%)
  • Against premarital sex (for myself at least)
  • Pro Life when it comes to abortions
  • Pro Life when it comes to capitol punishment
  • In favor of stem-cell research
  • Against Gun Control
  • Against abridgments of freedom of speech
  • Against abridgments of all those other rights too.
  • In favor of extreme separation of church and state
  • not against corporal punishment in home or schools (note, not for it either, I think it can be done without, but I don't think it is abuse either, or worse than any other punishment for that matter)
  • in favor of lowering the age of legal adulthood (or better yet, make it based on something more relevant than age)
  • In favor of major election finance reform
  • Against G.W. Bush
  • Not a huge fan of Kerry, either
  • Pro Obama
  • In favor of socialized medicine
  • A bunch of other things I forgot to mention
  • (EDIT: Late addition to list) a poor speller

Some of this may be contradictory (say so if you think so and I'll try to explain) but I think some things here, most notably being pro life in both situations, is consistent, why does nobody else?

User Journal

Journal Journal: First Post 2

This seems like my only chance to get a first post on /. so I suppose I'll take it. Feel free to post comments about anything you really want to here, as making a comment about this entry would be pretty lame. Almost as lame as this entry. Ok, as you can probably tell by now, I'm just messing with the system.

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