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Comment Re:You'll play it and you'll like it (Score 1) 312

Yeah I love this aspect of their vision now. You need their Origin software so you can launch the login page thorugh a browser, so you can log into the game server of your choice. The game itself basically launches command-prompt like from the direction given to it by the browser. I see no reason to tie it to Origin other than to force people to look at it once in a while and see what other products they sell. While im sure they might generate some money this way, ...its just not very well thought out.

Comment Really? (Score 1) 638

Drive with random stuff strapped to your head, get a ticket.

News at 11.

I dont care if its Google Glass or random pieces of garbage, try paying attention to what you're doing instead of twittering 24/7 about what you're eating.

Comment Re:How safe? (Score 1) 947

Seems like a lot of people who ride bikes feel like this guy does. I had a friend in high school who was t-boned by a nun driving a beetle. He was extreemly angry when he got a bill for 3000 dollars of damage done to the vehicle while he was layed up in the hospital with a compound fracture after flying through her windshield.

He was illegally crossing a highway, the idiot is lucky he's alive. It was a semi-blind turn and the poor woman had no chance to stop because it was mid-winter in the midwest. If you hit someone on a bike, if they're breaking the law its not your fault. You might be able to prevent it, and following the law properly you might even avoid hitting them, but that's not a given. If you're on a bike, you need to follow the laws just like everyone else not on a bike.

With how most people drive...the car is usually at fault. Even if the bike is too, they'll get hurt more and that tends to look bad to the police that show up. That doesn't mean the idiot on the bike is never at fault, only that its generally harder to prove they were at fault (cars usually leave skid marks before the accident, the cyclist will leave them after the accident)

Comment Re:Stallman would have something to say about this (Score 5, Insightful) 488

Came here to say exactly that. Reviewing what they say in the artical linked:

The Court has struggled over the issue of allowing the copying of the hard drive. This is a serious invasion of privacy and is certainly not a standard remedy, as the discussion of the case law above demonstrates. The tipping point for the Court comes from evidence that the defendants â" in their own words â" are hackers. By labeling themselves this way, they have essentially announced that they have the necessary computer skills and intent to simultaneously release the code publicly and conceal their role in that act. (underline added) And concealment likely involves the destruction of evidence on the hard drive of Thuenâ(TM)s computer. For these reasons, the Court finds this is one of the very rare cases that justifies seizure and copying of the hard drive.

Way I read this...they were unsure if this guy stole code from the company he worked for, they were pushing to seize his computer at home because they felt he had stolen code to release as an open-source option to the software he helped write that they wanted to lease out instead. The court, torn on the issue, decides that because he calls himself a 'hacker' he's able to not only steal the code, but cover his tracks. So they better seize his equipment before he gets a chance.

I hope someone beats some sense into this judge, just being capable of something does not mean you might do it. We're all murders because we all own cars capable of running people over and killing them. We're all mass murders because we have bleach/cleaning fluids at home we could dump into local water supplies poisioning the entire area. Next time someone gets hit by a car while on their bike in a hit-and-run they'll need to bring in as probable suspects everyone in the tri-state area who owns a drivers liscence. What kind of insane crap is this?

Comment Re:Why is SSN secret? (Score 1) 390

Way to completly ignore the question.

The question is why is an SSN secret? If the purpuse is to tell person A apart from person B who have the same/similar demograpic information (name, DOB, etc) then ok I get that. But why is the SSN treated as the end-all-be-all identification of that person?

The answer of course, is beacuse its easy on the credit companies and banks. Its something they dont assign, are not responsible for, and dont need to worry about. If someone takes it, well, look he had the right number...its a cop out. Plain and simple.

It would require more diligence of the bank, not the customer. The customer already needs to present things like birth certificates, drivers licenses, proof of residence, etc, etc. But none of that isn't easily spoofable, so they've tried long and hard to make people feel like a SSN is somehow safe, and unfakeable. An individual person can vanish without a trace, but a SSN wont. Or more specifically, whoever actually owns the SSN wont. They're now on the hook, and the leeches (banks, credit agencies, etc) get their money back.

I had a friend who's 5 year old had taken out a car loan half-way across the country. Sure, the DOB clearly didn't match, or the address, but geez they had a name and a valid SSN. So good to go...right? Every last one of these jerks should be in jail.

Comment Re:So? (Score 2) 391

Because when someone starts doing something that makes them a lot of money, whatever methods they are using has this really nasty tendency to spread like a disease. While this particular flavor of CEO may not be affecting you, its all together possible he's going to end up rubbing off on some other flavor of CEO who is. And if not you, someone you care about.

Comment Re:so why isn't the meeting going to be busted? (Score 3, Insightful) 391

Maybe because being undocumented has nothing to do with being here illegally? While its possible, its not a given, as many different situations can cause someone to become an undocumented individual who cannot prove their citizenship or right to be in the country. Lucky we're not all jerks and deport people without due cause.

Comment Re:What astronomers are missing is... (Score 1) 142

In a perverse way, you have a good point. If you have the money to move this thing, you have the money to do it any number of ways much more cheeply than slamming an asteroid into the planet would be.

But if you're going to end all life on the surface of the planet anyway, who cares how expensive it is? Might as well have some fun with it.

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