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Experimental artefact.  *Friday February 02, 2001 @12:14PM  4
   attached to "Mirror cells" May Be Key To Communication
More New LED Technology  *Tuesday October 24, 2000 @04:49AM  3
   attached to Lighting The Future: Lasers And (Wild) LEDs
Re:The wonders of modern science.  *Wednesday October 04, 2000 @11:58PM  1
The wonders of modern science.  *Wednesday October 04, 2000 @10:54PM  4
   attached to Embryo Chosen for Its Tissue Type
I hope they can accept defeat gracefully  *Thursday August 17, 2000 @10:14AM  2
   attached to Judge Rules Against 2600 On All Counts in DeCSS Case
Re:Sexist abuse? More like honest truth  *Tuesday July 18, 2000 @02:06AM  1
You should all be ashamed.  *Tuesday July 18, 2000 @01:34AM  4
   attached to Cell Phone Companies to Release Radiation Data
This is good for Slash  *Wednesday June 28, 2000 @06:36AM  2
   attached to MySQL Released Under the GPL
Related article...  *Wednesday June 28, 2000 @04:49AM  3
   attached to Oracle Says It Investigated Microsoft Allies
Here we go again...  *Wednesday June 28, 2000 @04:02AM  2
   attached to Microsft Openly Provides Kerberos Interop Specs
Re:Amen brother!  *Tuesday June 27, 2000 @06:00AM  1
Amen brother!  *Tuesday June 27, 2000 @04:39AM  2
   attached to The Great Internet Con
Does the GPL constitute a contract?  *Monday June 26, 2000 @05:10AM  2
   attached to GPL to be Tested in Court?
Overclocking and  *Saturday June 24, 2000 @01:54AM  3
   attached to Overclocking The AMD Duron
Re:An MP3 Vigilante!  *Thursday June 22, 2000 @07:44AM  2
An MP3 Vigilante!  *Thursday June 22, 2000 @07:08AM  4
   attached to Gnutella Copyright Enforcement
I won't buy one just yet.  *Wednesday June 21, 2000 @06:50AM  2
   attached to Transmeta To Unveil New Notebooks Next Week
This site is unnecessary.  *Tuesday June 20, 2000 @04:52AM  2
   attached to Unmaintained Free Software Projects
The old media will survive.  *Thursday June 22, 2000 @05:27AM  2
   attached to The Rise of Open Media
What a waste of bandwidth.  *Monday June 19, 2000 @01:16AM  3
   attached to Radio Astronomers Win Spectra
Is the problem with QPL or Debian?  *Saturday June 17, 2000 @01:37PM  2
   attached to Debian Developer and QT License Contributer Speaks
Re:No, It doesn't make it GPL'ed  *Friday June 16, 2000 @04:36AM  1
   attached to License Cocktail with GPL in Doom
Re:If only he had chosen a _real_ language  *Tuesday June 20, 2000 @06:41AM  1
Re:If only he had chosen a _real_ language  *Tuesday June 20, 2000 @06:04AM  1
   attached to Who's Afraid of C++? NEEDS IMAGE

"The eleventh commandment was `Thou Shalt Compute' or `Thou Shalt Not Compute' -- I forget which." -- Epigrams in Programming, ACM SIGPLAN Sept. 1982