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Submission + - Rory McIlroy forgets his time zones, almost misses Ryder Cup start (

LiroXIV writes: Even professional golfers screw up logistics once in awhile; Rory McIlroy almost missed his tee time for his Ryder Cup singles match (arriving only 10 minutes before his scheduled start) after forgetting Medinah is in the Central Time Zone.

McIlroy somehow thought he was scheduled to tee off at 12:25 PM local time; while in reality, he was actually scheduled for 12:25 PM ET, which is 11:25 AM local time. Win or lose, this is subtle proof that even being an hour back can confuse you once in a while.


Submission + - Canada to Samsung: Who Stole Our Jelly Beans? (

LiroXIV writes: While American owners of Google and Samsung's Galaxy Nexus smartphone have been feasting on the newest version of Android, users up north in Canada have been stuck in the land of Ice Cream Sandwich. Samsung's regional divisions handle OTA updates for Galaxy Nexus phones sold abroad. Many of these phones in Canada only began receiving an OTA update to the almost year-old 4.0.2 last Friday, and with reports of a user who sent his phone in for repair and received his phone back with a build of Android 4.1.1 sourced from Samsung Canada, Canucks are wondering where the hold-up is.

While its easy for the adventurous to simply flash a system image that receives updates straight from Google, some would prefer the much safer and easier option of an OTA update. Even more ironic is the fact that Canadian-sold Nexus S phones DID receive Jelly Bean as an OTA update.


Submission + - Symantec: our new security software can speed up Windows 8 ... somehow (

LiroXIV writes: Symantec has claimed that not only would the new version of its Norton 360 security software make Windows 8 "more secure", the company also claims in a report it commissioned that the new software somehow also makes Windows 8 run 50% faster (as if it weren't already fast to begin with). Norton has been criticized for its bloat in recent years; are they trying to say something about Windows 8's pre-loaded security software Windows Defender? Although it is to be noted that Symantec "funded the production of this report, selected the test metrics and list of products to include in this report, and supplied some of the test scripts used for the tests"

Submission + - Former Xerox PARC researcher: Windows 8 is a cognitive burden (

LiroXIV writes: You know you've messed up big time when someone related to the development of one of the first graphical interfaces for computers thinks you've messed up. Usability expert Raluca Budiu has shared the common conclusion for many about Microsoft's upcoming Windows 8; it's definitely not as user-friendly as past versions.

Submission + - Judge Posner issues temporary order to halt Apple v. Motorola patent trial (

LiroXIV writes: Since neither Apple or Motorola, in his opinion, has not proven any evidence of monetary damages caused by their alleged infringement of patents, a clearly frustrated Judge Richard Posner has dismissed a patent lawsuit between the two companies, which was supposed to go to trial on Monday.

For obvious reasons, a Motorola representative is quite happy about what has happened.


Submission + - Facebook wants to friend Opera? (

LiroXIV writes: Rumors have surfaced that Facebook is planning its next big acquisition: Opera Software, developer of the Opera web browser with over 200 million users on both desktop and mobile devices. The possible outcome of this acquisition could be an official Facebook-integrated web browser; a unprecedented, yet somehow scary thought (given how much they know about us already)

Submission + - Ransomware attacks could be hitting North America? (

LiroXIV writes: Trend Micro researchers have discovered versions of a recent ransomware worm (which poses as a law enforcement agency asking to give them your money for doing illegal activities online), tailored for use in the United States and Canada. Ransomware may not longer be an exclusively Russian affair any longer....
United States

Submission + - Geeknet seeking strategic alternatives (

LiroXIV writes: Believing that they might not be operating at their full potential, the parent company of your favorite technology news site (along with SourceForge and Freecode) is considering either selling its online media properties or putting more capital into them. Will Slashdot reach financial enlightenment, or get a "For Sale" sign? Stay tuned!

Submission + - Rumor: Yahoo! perusing Canadian broadcast rights to 2014/2016 Olympics (

LiroXIV writes: The Globe and Mail has reported that after bids by a CBC/Bell Media partnership were rejected by the IOC for being too low (bids which also factored in the possibility that NHL players might not be able to participate in the next men's Olympic hockey tournament, potentially hurting viewership), Yahoo! is apparently planning to make bids for the television rights to the 2014 and 2016 Olympic Games.

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