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Comment Pretty good for home (Score 2) 982

At home I have 2 machines running it, both in the Insider Program, one on slow the other on fast rings. I have had only minor issues like my live tiles disappearing. I think for most people for home use it's fine. At the enterprise I am not upgrading anyone and will instead phase in new machines when we buy new ones before the 2020 windows 7 EOL. I tell people if they are running Windows XP or Vista then it's time for a new system. If they are running Windows 7 and intend to replace the machine before 2020 then there is no pressure to upgrade. Block the install of Windows 10 with Never 10 is the easiest way to not get Windows 10 but still get security updates.If they are on Windows 8 then it's worth upgrading.

Comment Time+Luck (Score 2) 68

As someone who went DIY and built one of these (Highly modified, including FM transmitter) about 5 years ago, it's good of you to start now, it takes much more time than just putting some lights in and set it up. Not sure what exists now but remember you need to power each "Station" so not sure how much wireless gains you. There are forums for people devoted to these things, and I suggest starting there. It will also matter on how many channels you want as well as how custom you want the sequences to be. There use to be a Mr Christmas setup that was about $150 that just kind of randomly flashed a small number of lights almost randomly to music. Much easier but not a very good sequence either. Cheap is relative and LED's are not generally cheap. Let us know a budget when you can.

Comment Rating =/ Consumption (Score 2) 394

"Cheryl Williamsen, a Los Alamitos architect, has three of the boxes leased from her cable provider in her home, but she had no idea how much power they consumed until recently, when she saw a rating on the back for as much as 500 watts" Rating doesn't equal consumption. I can put a 1000W power supply in my computer but just watching youtube videos doesn't mean it's consuming all 1000W. It consumes far less than the 1000W unless the system demands it. Only way to know how much a device like this consumes is to measure it. One inexpensive way to do this is the KilloWatt meter.

Comment Re:Why (Score 1) 445

I like KeyPass because the same database file can be used in my Android phone and on me PC. I don't want to use a cloud based password storage as that might be a vulnerability. I also like that KeyPass allows you to use more than just a password to protect the database, you can also have it use a keyfile. So it turns into something you know (the password) and something you have (the keyfile on a USB key). Then you just need to keep the database synchronized between the different systems you use it on. That could be a problem if you add passwords very frequently, but in my useage it has not been a problem. KeePassDroid is a nice Android version.

Cloud isn't a concern as long as your software is done right. By all accounts Lastpass has been done well. The cloud only gets an encrypted blob. Let the NSA go to town on it, not a concern. So do you manually sync your phone to PC then with your keypass DB?

Comment Why (Score 2) 445

Why are you unable to use one of the online systems like Lastpass? It's been very well vetted, offers offline and online modes. I personally find 1pass to be very Mac centric and expensive but it's a good product too. Keypass is a good opensource alternative, although its a local program so there are those downsides. It has android and iOS apps too so you can have access on a mobile device if needed.

Comment Lowest Bidder? (Score 2) 233

So the same contractor who built the health care website builds 3D printers now? Joking aside this would not be a very good test if the agency regulating guns came out and said the ones you make yourself without regulation work better than the ones we regulate, now would it.

Comment Break the habits through education (Score 1) 418

Break the bad habits that are holding her back such as AOL. Next time you see her educate her. Show her the internet works without aol (I suggest chrome since it has flash and auto updates). This way you can move on from win XP. Where you go from there is up to you. IF she is just doing email, it sounds like a perfect solution fro a Chrome book. Logmein Free works pretty good for remote support. You can get in whenevery you need to run updates.

Comment Why? (Score 1) 206

Who has the perception that the USPS is A) A fashion designer B) Leading edge technology in anything (Just try using their tracking that updates once a day at best), especially clothing C) A logo people want to pay for and wear. I guess if it brings in money. . .

Comment Redirection + 3rd party firmware (Score 1) 884

1st thing to do would be see if my router was compatible with something like DD-WRT or Tomato. These don't have the insecure WDS in them. I assume you have the most up to date firmware. Other things to do would be to turn off your wifi for a few days. Chances are the neighbor will get bored and move on to someone else. You could also enable QOS and restrict the heck out of his connection. You could also start messing with things like redirection, block DNS lookups (Let your local machine do the DNS for your connection) and lastly replace your router.

Comment Outsourcing Manufacturing (Score 5, Interesting) 237

I wonder if the manufacturing and quality problems has anything to do with the change on this plane that it is made all over the world, by tons of suppliers, then all moved to a common location for final assembly. This is a departure from the way Boeing has done manufacture in the past where most things are done under one roof.

Comment Re:I just can't live without a ZIF socket. (Score 3, Insightful) 1009

I would agree here for the most part. They change sockets so often that very few people switch processors and keep the same MB. Most people upgrade both at the same time. So you will buy the MB at the same time as the Processor as one piece. Ya not ideal but makes sens. I don't see this happening for a while.

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