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Comment Re:GitHub hacked (Score 1) 202

But git is stored in git, so to sneak stuff into it in order to break git's security, you would have to break git's security first.

On the other hand, hiding malicious changes in otherwise legit-looking commits is a whole different issue that has nothing to do with github or git.

Comment Re:distributing the private API key (Score 1) 262

Actually, the Firefox name and icon are trademarks of Mozilla. They are openly available, but you do not have rights to distribute non-official builds of Firefox carrying the trademark name and logo without permission from Mozilla. This is compatible with the GPL because (IANAL) the GPL does not care about trademarks, only copyright.

Comment Re:Expensive? (Score 1) 126

You can also get 1 GB for 5 pounds with the Internet Monthly addon (which are taken from your topped-up money, so you essentially pay 10 pounds and get 1.15 GB + 5 pounds for calls or a few more MB). Or just top up 5 pounds online and get a decent 1 GB for 5 pounds, 0.5p/MB.

Comment Re:Provider dependent? (Score 1) 300

And if you turn off the phone and use GPS, I assume there won't be any roaming charges since your phone is talking to the GPS satellite?

That's correct. Though it's not "talking" to the satellite - GPS is one-directional. It only receives signals from the GPS satellites and processes them.

As for the provider locking it - I doubt it. It's theoretically possible, I guess (the same way they could theoretically disable e.g. your camera unless you pay them a monthly fee, assuming the phone is running custom firmware supplied by the provider), but I really don't see why they would. The feature doesn't depend on anything network-specific, and you can use it entirely offline. (Disclaimer, however: I live in Europe and have only used unlocked phones, so I can't really speak for the situation in North America)

Comment Re:Blame Firefox (Score 1) 463

I'm sorry but I don't see anything that indicates this is the case, nor can I see how this would even be possible to accomplish. How would you know where some piece of JS will redirect you to without executing it?

At any rate, copying Google search result URLs works just fine for me in Firefox.

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