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Comment Re:Firing in US (Score 5, Insightful) 582

If you are self employed, you get to keep whatever you can make - but if you work for someone else, then that someone else is making a profit from your effort. If you think you can sell your talent, or you could do better elsewhere, then move, it really is that simple. I treat my employees with respect and honesty, they have access to the company files and know exactly what I charge for their services - but they don't have to spend half their time trying to find themselves the next paying gig, that's my job. Most folks that are self employed fail at it because they have a skill that's salable but don't know how to market themselves.

Comment Re:Firing in US (Score 3, Insightful) 582

Lambent: Life is about profit - not just in terms of cash as you seem to think I implied - my children and their children will have more because of my efforts, what have you done for the next generations?
AC: First - I don't know anything about Jenny, didn't even read the article, I was replying to a specific anti-business thread. However, if one of my employees were to go to the newspapers or TV and complain about how I do business before discussing it with me, he'd be impacting my business in a negative way and get canned - it's in the contract.
evilRhino: I'm not a programmer, but I need programming done to advance the product I sell, the PHB is an intermediary that keeps them on point and me informed - I have the time to seek out more work for everyone and so everyone gets something - how many really competent programmers have you met that also excel at sales?

Comment Re:Firing in US (Score 2, Insightful) 582

Indivuduals that are profitable to retain are retained, those that aren't are not - that's what business (and life) is about. This isn't about exploitation - if you think that any company is going to pay you 100 units of currency a day when they only scrape 50 off of your back, you are mistaken.
If I hire a programmer at 60K per year, you can be certain that he's worth 75K to me, and I get to keep the 15K per year per programmer - I have enough of them that I can afford a pointy haired boss to keep them all going in the same general direction and still pocket a nice sum at the end of the year.
Welcome to profitable business, where is it any different? There may be differences in title, but nothing else.

Comment Re:why? (Score 2) 192

Wow what a pain that would be to administer such a landlocked system. Patching, backups, updating the content, accessing the content.

Do you really need to do those things on a machine that has no network connection?

Assuming that when the machine was put into place it did the functions it was required to, what is the point of updating? I remember doing an update on a machine once to find out that the single file changed was the software providers logo - they had changed a background color and listed it as a required update.

Comment Re:Hate crimes... (Score 1) 671

I am a single human being, there are 6 billion of you who are not me - I am therefore a minority and should be protected from all of you - you should be taxed to pay for that defense, because there are so many of you and I am only one.

A populace that fractures into gangs is a populace creating minority groups.

Hate crimes are there to suppress the realization that there are differences in culture and thought

You are a criminal if you don't think like me.

Comment Re:Whom to blame (Score 1) 671

The term hate crime has always been offensive to me.

Laws are meant to punish actions that infringe the rights of others.

Thoughts are not actions. They are not provable.

I can prove beyond reasonable doubt that a person stole my bicycle, I cannot prove that he was thinking of an ice-cream-sandwhich at the time.

It is mostly irrelevant why a crime is commited, If I steal a dozen apples from you, I have commited a crime, and if caught, I should be punished. Whether I stole those apples to sell, eat, or feed my children should not matter, there is really only one issue - did I know it was a crime at the time the crime was commited. This is not a measure of the quality or morality of thought, only of intent.

If you bowl over a child while driving, you have commited a crime unless you lost control of the vehicle through some fault of the vehicle itself, not caused by negligence on your part (driving with bald tires is negligent, a tie rod snapping because of a bubble in the casting is not). I don't care whether you injured the child because you were drunk, high, stupid, angry, or careless, it doesn't matter - there is only one issue, did you know it was a crime at the time, or was it a manufacturing defect? This is not a measure of the quality or morality of thought, only of intent.

I also don't care how you happen to become impaired, only if you are or not, NyQuil is as bad as pot or worse, don't do drugs and drive, licit or otherwise, stay home and enjoy them in the privacy of your own home.

Hate crimes are an invention designed to lock a person up before they have done anyone a wrong - It's simply newspeak for 'I don't like the way you think and will hurt you any way I can!"

Punish actions, you cannot prove thoughts.

> I ain't scared of homos, but I don't want them around me. First part of this sentence clearly contradicts the other part. You simply say that "excomunication" (not having "others" around) is what you prefer.

Did you know that for social beings the excomunication from the society is in fact even worse then death? Why would you wish anybody such as horrific punishment if you are not a homophobe?

To me it looks like you are the typical homophobe. :-) Sorry if I am wrong but there is no other way I can explain your words.

I could point out that the person might simply be iridophobiac instead of homophobaic - and that an assumption was made as to who was being excommunicated. I know a number of folks who want to separate themselves from society.
I also question the assertion that excomunication from the society is in fact even worse then death, you haven't met my spouse and cannot immagine the desire for peace and quiet.

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