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Submission + - Should SpamRats! charge for access to it's RBL? (spamrats.com)

Linuxmagic writes: "We have a dilemna that we could use some SlashDot readers input in. We have had open access to our RBL for some time, and given the effectiveness of it, it is not surprising that we get more users all the time. Being a company that is founded on open principles as much as possible, the idea of some 'give back' has always been appealing to us, but now that we find more and more cases of people making money on our data collection efforts, some abusers of the priveleges, and just the sheer volume of demand, we are considering should we go the way many other RBL's have, and start charging in some way for access to the data. We are a business after all, and the more people use it, the more resources we should assign to it. We originally built it to solve our own needs, and our MagicMail deployments make for a great data collection grid, but keeping it available does cost us. We would like to get feedback from users, on whether we should commoditize this data, charge only commercial operators, change the way we distribute it, or simply put a small fee on it for everyone. Comments?"

Submission + - CanSpam ACT not working, Email marketing gone wild (mipspace.com)

Michael Peddemors writes: "Well, it is official. Email marketing has gotten out of hand. And the worst of them are located right in the USA. It used to be spammers came from far off countries, or all via infected PC's, trojans and viruses, but now the dreaded 'You have opted in for 3rd party offerings' is now King. The major source of abusive email sources being blocked by ISP's is from 'legitamte' email marketing. Users who sign up for a 'free newsletter' or survey are now finding that all of a sudden they get inundated with junk mail. And the worst offenders are from just a few small networks, mostly located in the US, and almost all claiming to be CanSpam compliant. From statistics at several major ISP's it is now obvious that more mail is blocked from US marketing companies than from traditional blacklists. Some of these marketers send 10-40 messages per day, of so called 'legitimate' marketing email. And of IP's being blocked becuase of abusive levels, the majority are coming from local US marketing companies. Most of the traditional spamming techniques now can be stopped at the source, but the companies hiding behind CanSpam and 'opt-in' are now the biggest single source of overhead at ISP's and Telcos'. A new listing of such offenders has been made available, at MIPSPACE and ISP's who have chosen to use this list are finding it the only way to protect their users from the abusive level of email marketing. What ever happened to being able to call the post office and just saying, 'No More Junk Mail Please'"

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