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Comment This is the best advice (Score 1) 101

I also have a Brother MFC and it's the best investment we've made. Actually, Dell sells an MFC at a much cheaper price, but we had to give it up because the scanbed doesn't support legal size paper (but the ADF does). Dell's MFC also comes with PaperPort. You can probably purchase from Dell with some back to school bargains (check the discount deal sites like techbargains, xpbargains, fatwallet, etc.). Even the cheapest laser MFC is a network printer (although scanning requires USB connection)--which means you can connect both via ethernet and USB, the ethernet is for printing for all the other systems on your LAN and the USB is for your Windows box. I also second the suggestion about Adobe Acrobat, it's the best piece of software out there, even though it's a Windows only piece of software.
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Journal Journal: Protester pees her pants trying to save cars

Trying to save a pristine batch of electric cars made by GM from going to the crusher, actress Alexandra Paul and her friends pulled a 23 day vigil which culminated in the arrest of Paul and a friend. Apparently she was so caught up in moment that she did not have time to go to the restroom and peed her pants (at least that what it looks like in the photo). I'd wish USA Today used a better photo. It doesn't lo

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