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Journal Journal: Muzzled... day 2

Day 2 of my muzzling. Just wanted to see how my brethren were doing today. I see we still have a few good trolls left out there... a helluva lot of AC's are posting though...


Journal Journal: Silenced @ 4:15 1

This account or IP has been temporarily disabled. This means that this IP or user account has been moderated down too much in the last 72 hours. If you think this is unfair, you should contact pater@slashdot.org. If you are being a troll, now is the time for you to either grow up, or change your IP.

Ah, yes, Taco and his henchmen are back at it again! Although it has taken me all day to finally get it... 72 Hour IP ban.

You guys who get the Account bans are lucky. Oh well, I have a semi dynamic IP this week... I'll be in another office with a different IP all week in the evenings!

I couldn't believe that I had to actually work at getting banned today... I had to resort to flaming instead of just trolling and crap flooding. The editors must have wanted to ban me later in the day to try and keep me off on Fryday... Cause getting banned on Fry day still allows for a Troll Tuesday!!!


Journal Journal: Sometimes it sucks to be on Taco and company's hit list

You know, I understand being a troll there are certain thing to expect. I have no problem being banned. I agree that my posts meet the criteria to be modded down. I will take my 72 hour ban and use it to comeup with more trolls... The thing that gets me, is that out of 5 times being modded down today, 2 modded me down incorrectly.
Check these out:
1. This one is modded right!(Could have been troll though)
2. This one is too
3. Wrong
4. Wrong
5. This one is OK.

Granted, I would be banned anyway, but how were those offtopic. They weren't even really trolls, thet were merely opposing points of view from what the average /. reader is used to.

Give me a break guys, this site has really gone to $h1+. If /. stopped tommorrow I couldn't care less. So many of thier stories are such loads of crap and not even real news! Also, and probablly my biggest reason for trolling on /. (besides the fact that it's fun) is that if you state an opinion opposite of what the Slashdot collective thinks, then you are a troll. When my karma whore account started getting trolled for stating the "unpopular opinion", I decided that if slashdot wants me to be a troll, I'll show them what a troll really is.

Now, I don't mean to get off on a rant here, but in my mind, If we stated the same opinion to a message board, then what is the point of a message board? To gain insight into other people's opinions? No because it is the same damn opinion! I don't understand where these self rightous assholes get off either modding people down for forming their own mind. I want to point out again, that I'm not just talking about me and my troll account. I am talking users who want to inject this site with some original thought that get trolled down, such as did I. state an unpopular enough thought enough times and then you are stuck posting to -1 for all times.

But that's just my opinion, I could be wrong.


Journal Journal: Muzzled Again 2

I've been stopped from posting my points of view on Slashdot yet again. They are starting to get very efficient on banning my IP.

I haven't noticed the usual bombardment of trolling this morning, so I guess I can only assume that I have other brothers that have felt the wrath of Taco.

I have tried posting through sites like babblefish, but to no avail. I don't know if I am just not doing something right or what.

Is there anyone out there that knows a way around the IP Ban. a web site that will allow you to post through it?

Hopefully Troll Tuesday picks up soon. Otherwise, I'll see you guys on Thursday.


Journal Journal: Troll Tuesday Eve 1

I have nothing else to say, but Woohoo!!

Update: Muzzled again!!! No down mods either! I won't be of any use to you guys on Troll Tuesday. This was an IP ban. So maybe, I can get in from home in the evening.

The IP/Account banning on Slashdot should be considered an act of terrorism against all Trolls. This means war! Pick up your keyboards and prepare to battle these terrorists.

CmdrTaco (The Leader of them all)
any other /. editor or moderator.

Christmas Cheer

Journal Journal: Troll Tuesday 1

Damn the man. It's only 10:00 and I have already been IP Banned again. I didn't see where any of my comments got modded down though. Have a happy Troll Tuesday guys, I'll see you next time.

Update:Good Trolling with you guys today. Let's do this again next week!

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