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Comment Re:Seems to be a systemic problem. (Score 1) 144

I have had many discussions with my co-workers regarding their wi-fi usage. For myself, I use wired networks as much as I can, leaving wi-fi as my fall back in case I have no other option. My co-workers think I am old fashioned, but when it comes to network speed, 100 Mbps Cat5e wire beats wi-fi hands down, especially when there are lots of folks trying to use their wi-fi gear all at the same time. I guess they never heard of QRM and how to avoid it.


Opossums Overrun Brooklyn, Fail To Eliminate Rats 343

__roo writes "In a bizarre case of life imitates the Simpsons, New York City officials introduced a population of opossums into Brooklyn parks and under the boardwalk at Coney Island, apparently convinced that the opossums would eat all of the rats in the borough and then conveniently die of starvation. Several years later, the opossums have not only failed to eliminate the rat epidemic from New York City, but they have thrived, turning into a sharp-toothed, foul-odored epidemic of their own."

Comment Re:Ubuntu d/l burn errors (Score 1) 483

I regularly use BitTorrent to download and re-upload (usually by a factor of at least 3) the Ubuntu distros and the BSD releases, to help make them readily available. I have a static IP DSL and do not use much of my up-load bandwidth, so running Deluge in the background making 3 or 4 ISO files available to others who might want them, seems to me to be a good use of my machine and my 'Net connection.

Among our group, I have become the keeper of the ISO files, so whenever anyone wants a CD, I simply burn one. My CD burner does a thorough check of the disk, so I'm sure a disk is good before I give it away.

I use P2P file sharing in a legally OK manner in part to hold that option open for everyone, as there are ISPs who would completely block BitTorrent because they believe ANY file(s) distributed via BitTorrent are, by definition, pirated software. I am out to prove them wrong. And, the fact that BitTorrent provides error free copies is a nice plus.


Submission + - Photographs of some serious Tesla coils in action

LinearBob writes: "Here is a link to a news story about a modern artist, showing his Tesla coil enhanced version of "The Thinker" Here is his web page where you can see many more photographs of "The Thinker". And here is the main Tesla Down Under web site, with even more spectacular photographs."

Submission + - AT&T proves Net Neutrality fears well founded

LinearBob writes: "The Chicago Tribune has an article describing in detail how AT&T censored a live concert by Pearl Jam. Here is a link to the Chicago Tribune article. u_jam_0809aug09,1,6237615.story?ctrack=1&cset=true

The following was quoted from the Tribune article:

"A live Internet broadcast of Pearl Jam's performance at Chicago's Lollapalooza music festival Sunday went off without a hitch — until singer Eddie Vedder criticized President Bush.

Lyrics critical of the president didn't make it past editors of the show's Webcast, the band complained Wednesday on its Web site.

The performance, sponsored by AT&T Inc. and carried on AT&T's "Blue Room" site, omitted the lyrics "George Bush, leave this world alone" and "George Bush, find yourself another home" as part of a version of the song "Daughter," according to the Pearl Jam Web site.

An AT&T spokeswoman confirmed the omission Wednesday, saying that it had been a mistake made by someone working for the agency hired by AT&T to handle its Blue Room content.

"We don't have a policy in place to censor," said AT&T's Tiffany Nels. "We have a policy on excessive profanity. This was an honest mistake. There was no censorship intended."

Nels said that there is a delay of a few seconds between the performance and its streaming to the Web so that an editor can cut out profane language because the Web site is available to all ages and AT&T doesn't want foul language going out.

End quote

Perhaps there was no censorship intended, but censorship IS what AT&T did here. I find AT&T's explanation for the missing lyrics to be disingenuous at best. To me, this is a clear case of censorship, and is precisely why we need "Net Neutrality" now."

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