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Comment It is not just Texas (Score 1) 221

from the article: "Celltex was founded by Eller and Stanley Jones, the orthopaedic surgeon who performed Perry's procedure, and it uses technology licensed from RNL Bio in Seoul. Because clinical use of adult-stem-cell treatments are illegal in South Korea, RNL has since 2006 sent more than 10,000 patients to clinics in Japan and China to receive injections."

Comment Re:I don't mind the previews, or the unwashed mass (Score 1) 865

I'm totally with you on the previews. Personally I think that they are an art all in themselves. First fight with my last girlfriend was because she was late and I went ahead and sat down instead of waiting on her. I never miss the previews. The the theater I always go to shows older movies (for example they are now showing Moneyball) but they only charge $1 period. Except tuesdays where its 50 cents. They are doing pretty well for themselves

Comment Always with the cellphones (Score 1) 865

I agree with some of the points, but here we go with the cell phones again. Now Don't get me wrong, cellphones are an annoyance but I've never and I think very very few people have said to themselves "I'm not going to the movies, people talk on their cellphones there. In my experience I have yet to get "blinded" as people say by a person texting in a theater. I've had people texting near me in the theater but its been a mild, mild inconvenience. I usually just go back to paying attention to the movie. But let me give my 'usual' movie experience. I live on the bad side of town. About a mile from my house there is an older theater that used to be the nicest theater in town. Now it shows movies that came out a few months ago (for example I'm about to go watch Moneyball) but tickets are only $1 and on Tuesdays its 50 cents. With this I see pretty much every movie that hits theater, even the really terrible ones, I just have to wait a few months (and deal with the normal type of people who go to the dollar show). In some cases I'll go to the regular theater, for example J. Edger and The Ides of March both times my friend and I were the only people in the theater, but nearly ever showing at the Dollar theater is packed.

Comment Construct (Score 1) 237

Unity perhaps. Construct (the first one, not construct 2) by Scirra ( is free and open source it doesn't teach "real" programming but it has an object object oriented built in language. It could help the kids learn the basics of logic and a really visual representation of how programming for video games work. There are even some tutorials that you could use or make a lesson plan based off of that make a whole game.

Submission + - Apple to outsource A5 chips to Texas (

Lindan9 writes: In a 9 billion dollar investment Apple's A5 chips will now be produced in Austin, TX. In a new Samsung factory that is apparently "the largest-ever foreign investment in Texas" Production should be up in running in the beginning of December

Comment I honestly dont see it. (Score 1) 201

I've been with AT&T sense my first cell phone (well actually it was Cingular) I've never had any problems or really seen anything to complain about. I never heard of of people complaining about a larger amount of dropped calls or no service until Verizon started running ads saying AT&T had more dropped calls. Marketing works I guess. I'm a touring musician professionally, I've been to most major cities across the United States and a lot of the in betweens I've never had any complaints about my phone not getting service. In fact, in my experience I usually get at least one bar when my Verizon using bandmates no service. I cant recall a case where they had service and I didn't

Submission + - Scientist to go on Yeti Expedition (

Lindan9 writes: After an apparent increase of yeti sightings in the Kemerovo and Altai region of Siberia, a group of scientists are meeting to examine evidence possibly proving yeti existence. The scientists suspect there is a population several dozen yeti living in the area. A team of scientists hope to spot a yeti or still living neanderthal man during their search of the area's mountains.

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