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Comment Because carriers charge by the byte (Score 1) 569

Charging by the byte, kilo, mega or gigabyte is a draconic and totally outmoded business paradigm. Unfortunately telcos will never break that paradigm because they are far too stuck in their ways to believe anything else besides that business model. No matter what anyone says, it does not cost the telco to transmit more data.

Comment More features to make a phone unusable (Score 1) 110

Just what we need. Another dopey mechanism to interfere with the user experience. I'm already saddled with a dipshit policy pushed down from the corporate Exchange server that forces a password and timed lockups. The policy setting idiots will take something like this and further hobble my phone. Maybe even prevent me from say, handing my phone to a somebody even temporarily. "Here, take my phone. It's Bob. He wants to say 'hi'". The unauthorized biosignature detector fires off and disables my phone until I can contact the security Na.. er, supremacists.

I'm hoping people will wake up from the Matrix soon and realize that so many smart phone features are useless or making us useless. Here we've got marvelous tiny computers in our pockets that are capable of so much... and what do we use them for? Mind wasting via Angry Birds. Facebook, instead of socializing properly. Fart videos on YouTube. And Twitter? Please.

Comment Stick to operating systems, give up browser devel. (Score 1) 244

Microsoft is better at making operating systems (yes, Millennium, Vista, and 8 not totally fitting that argument) and should give up their browser dreams to focus on what they know best. Er, just not quite in a Metro way. We're still running a mix of IE6 / IE7 at work, and yes, I know that sounds retarded but can't move to IE9 because there are a few expenSive APlications that are not fully compatible. I'm on the IE9 Acceptance Team there and there are enough fugs and daily UFOs that I'm willing to drop back to IE7.

Comment Will it req. activation/internet ? (Score 1) 136

I'm wary of Razer ever since their Naga mouse was released. You need to load their Synapse software for "cloud" access and programming in order to use the special features of the mouse... which requires an internet connection and account activation. Activation? For a mouse? Sure, otherwise, it functions as a plain old featureless mouse. At first they required constant internet access to use the mouse's additional button features, but finally released an update to Synapse that allowed offline use after public pressure. This is a hardware mouse, not a software product or OS that needs activation. That's customer-unfriendly to me. They've also never come clean as to why internet is required, as the Synapse license states it will also collect and send data back to Razer. No thanks Razer, you're on Santa's naughty list.

Comment Economic foundation my ass. (Score 1) 362

Screw the ITIF. You can advertise on the internet without tracking users and milking them for information and statistics. How can they claim it will hurt the economic foundation of something that isn't a business in the first place (the internet)? They're missing the forest though. Revenue comes from clicks, not from tracking users. I don't know of anybody who clicks on web site ads anyway- I use the goog if I want to find information on something, buy something, whatever. I'm not going to click on a web site ad. That's like trusting the adverts in the back pages of a tabloid magazine to "increase your sexual potency", let you "lose weight overnight" or "how to tell which Nigerian emails aren't fake".

Comment Re:Another reason... (Score 5, Insightful) 1030

We use hosts files with shop floor manufacturing software that requires it. It does not function without host entries. You are not the judge of how a hosts file is to be used, and any mindset like yours should not be in IT. You have short sight and low experience in the real world it seems. Any any ass who threatens to "replace" somebody for using a feature that is far from outmoded, or thinks someones methods are "retarded" without benefit of understanding or even offering an alternative is a STFU-and-leave opportunity.

Comment An iPad Mini won't survive in the market (Score 1, Funny) 354

Many reasons to list, but the most salient are: Apple will price it too high. Fanboys will buy it- but ultimately Apple will grasp and miss any kind of foothold as they lose out to the tidal wave in incoming inexpensive Android tablets. It will still be locked into the iTunes store. That exclusivity isn't worth the price of the DRM, sorry. Android tablets will continue increasing in features while the iPad plods behind. Apple doesn't move as fast as technology. Maybe I should have called it an iPlod.

I'm looking at a Taiwanese 7-inch tablet now that does everything I need for $65. This is just like the IBM PC clones that kicked down a huge section of the pricing wall and made entering the market more enticing to new buyers. Apple's days are numbered.

Comment I totally agree, I deal with this too. (Score 2) 782

I totally agree because I'm embroiled in the middle of the same situation. There are still some old skool people in my workplace who haven't progressed technologically over time (and still mourn for the Windows 98 days. Yeech.) ... these are the people that cannot accept the fact that the computer on their desk is NOT theirs, that the company owns all of the data that they create. They think that nobody in the company should have access to their PC. And they don't see the harm in loading up their own software. C'mon, get real.

Comment I respect Stallman, but the statement was all wind (Score 1) 490

To sum up the hollow page "Non-free DRM'd games are bad because they deny freedom in some unspecified way. I don't understand it, so I'll just rant a little bit." I have a lot of respect for Stallman's general goals, but this one he missed the bus on. Having good games available for Linux opens more doors for prospective Linux enthusiasts. Good FREE games aren't going to happen, so stop that daydream. While I dislike DRM, Steam's compromise presents a way to increase the usability of Linux. If it helps to make Linux acceptance take off, perhaps people will take notice and good applications will start being brewed for Linux.

Comment Nokia:no corporate baggage for Microsft to rewrite (Score 1) 222

As the title says. Microsoft would have to deal with the RIM corporate polices and conditions that are already in place for customers. Microsoft would have difficulty gutting the parts that don't make them money and filling them with new ones. Also with applying shittier restrictions. A blank(er) slate, however, would be much easier to start from.

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