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Comment Obvious, and products are always like this. (Score 4, Interesting) 55

Here's what happens... The company gets a Linux SDK from some chip vendor which works on some reference platform. This is intended for development and evaluation purposes and has many interfaces exposed, which is generally what you want for development. The producer then hires some cheap amateurish programmers to write some application code on top of the SDK to make the product do stuff. The stock kernel and filesystem is deployed as-is. No security audit is done, no unnecessary services are closed, and few things are removed from the stock SDK filesystem. It will never get fixed for any or all of the following reasons: 1) No one at the company has enough experience to lock down/strip down Linux - they just know how to write applications on-top. 2) There are deadlines and the management has a "it works, ship it!" mentality. 3) Some developer/engineer might know how to do things properly, but is so swamped with deadlines and babysitting all the juniors that it can't happen.

Comment Re:Encrypt everything (Score 1) 127

Yes. Pretty much anyone who wasn't a cable or phone company in the 80s. So, that excludes Bell, Rogers, Shaw, Videotron, Telus, MTS, and possibly other provincial entities.

Notable alternatives are TekSavvy (a hybrid business, not a pure reseller),, Wind Mobile, Moblicity... possibly some others like Primus and Distributel who I believe are pure resellers.

Comment Re:Opt Out! (Score 1) 127

People keep saying this but it IS NOT TRUE!!! Teksavvy leases ONLY the last mile, because there is no other way to do it. The first hop is a router completely owned and controlled by TekSavvy. I can trace routes and run all kinds of other utilities which show very clearly that TekSavvy is NOT a reseller.

Comment Re:Blame Canada (Score 2) 240

No banking information is sent over email with Interac E-Transfer. That would be dumb. The recipient only gets a link and a user-chosen hint for a one-time password. In most cases, one can simply enter a bogus hint and tell the recipient the password over a more secure channel, like face-to-face.

Comment I don't understand how this is new. (Score 2) 240

If they charge you by debit, the assumption is that you need a bank account somewhere. Most bank accounts already allow one to send an "Interac E-Transfer" to any email address for a relatively low fee. I've done it multiple times. Maybe it's just a Canadian thing.

Why would I want to introduce a third party into this, when I can already do it through my existing bank?

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