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Comment Re:He is Mormon. He was in my Mormon congregation. (Score 1) 1475

You can think and believe whatever you want to think and believe. I have no problem with that.

The problem comes when you try to hijack the U.S. legislative system to force people who are not members of your religion to follow your religious strictures.

A church should be able to determine under which conditions it's own members get married in (as long as they still have freedom of religion to leave the church if they choose.) It should NOT be able to determine whether non-members of the church can get married.

How would you like it if your marriage was annulled because, say, the Catholics didn't approve of it?

Comment MOD PARENT UP (Score 1) 674

My point is that techies gab gab gab without making it simple to understand and digest. People want to learn and understand, but they need to be explained in simple terms. I find financial calculations a piece of cake and have no problem creating the derivatives that are causing problems. Yet most people consider this stuff mumbo jumbo and fake. (BTW its not!)

I ran out of Mod points yesterday.

I've found that people are actually quite interested in understanding things, when I explain them well in a way that makes it clear how it affects them. (When I just blab on about a pet topic, not so much. But taking the time to figure out what needs to be conveyed, and conveying it well in an engaging manner can work wonders.)

Worse, if you come into it with the attitude that the person that you're talking to is dumb for not already getting it? They will pick up on that whether you actually say it or not. And it will not make them inclined to really hear your point.


Submission + - Build your own multi-touch display (

turkey+tek writes: "Between the Jazzmutant LEMUR, Jeff Han's beautiful demos Microsoft's interactive table, and the Apple iPhone, multi-touch displays are all the rage these days. For the home hardware hacker, the question is "How can I build one myself on the cheap?" [e.g. this ask slashdot].

This instructable will show you how to turn your lcd projector and webcam into an interactive multi-touch display table using a few cheap components readily available from the hardware store by leveraging an existing open source software library touchlib."

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