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Comment Re:Yes, and maybe (Score 3, Interesting) 225

No kidding, the days of Gopher were the peak of internet usefulness. Imagine what could have been achieved if images, videos, and the Army of Lamers had never come! The dystopia we got is now requiring us to watch 5 minutes of inarticulate video just to get information we could have skimmed in 15 seconds. And when there is no video, we have to get that same text spread across 3 pages full of ads that each take 15 seconds to load regardless of your ISP speed.

Comment Re: Mmm-kay (Score 1) 470

I'm really not sure what you are trying to say, but I would say that I am "lumping" the anti-GMO people in with fear-mongers and posers. And I'm accusing hipsters of being part of the problem, because I believe that they tend to "throw the baby out with the bathwater" when dealing with conventional / popular / mainstream ideals. Something like GMO's are an anathema for most hipsters, not so much because of their superior technical and legal knowledge, but because the reality of feeding people on a global scale is about as counter to their counterculture fantasy as you can get.

Comment Re:I've always found age discrimination odd (Score 4, Insightful) 144

Show an "old guy" 5 new things and he'll draw on his experience to give you 5 reasons each why a) they're not new, and b) they still won't yield a return on investment. The "young guy", however, won't be fazed by such "cynicism", and will be a preferred hire for managers and their ilk who build their careers by doing projects, "successfully". Experienced people are just rain on the parade.

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