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Comment Re:Utterly wrong, devs need to understand NN *now* (Score 1) 56

Actually, you can put those advancements under the AI flag, because the now the "real" AI problems have all been moved under the AGI flag, leaving AI to be just the kind of useful tools for certain jobs that you are talking about.

I think self-driving cars are the great litmus test of how far the current "revolution" will go. In the next few years, we will see whether they will be capable of driving independently with enough competence to be lawful and insurable, or whether they continue to remain on their current plateau.

Comment Hipster Facade (Score 2) 56

Sounds redundant. But basically true. Seriously though, there is very little substance in the latest "AI revolution", just like every other "AI revolution" in the last 70 years. The solutions still lack adequate knowledge of context and still push tricks and training depth beyond their effective limits.

Comment Source of Smarter Workers? (Score 1) 99

Left unsaid is where those smarter workers will come from. The current answers are: a) Trained by somebody else's company, b) From a body shop which told me the worker was smart so I am not liable for his/her actual deficiencies. The answer we need is: Trained and retained by the hiring company from decent candidates which will be admitted through revisions to profoundly poor HR and Management filters.

Comment Re:Save hints (Score 1) 415

Yes, I dispute the consensus advice, at least in the respect that I think that for "normal" people, the cures prescribed are worse than the disease. I would much rather face the risk of some damage occurring at some point rather than the certainty of damage every day from over-zealous security practices. Security fatigue is definitely setting in. I think that even business are starting to understand the cost-benefit analysis here. Perhaps security will move more towards an insurance model. Security is a hot profession now, but I suspect that will not continue indefinitely.
By the way, I don't presume much about the value of my opinions. You can take what you want from them.

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