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Comment See and acknowledge the changes, not ignore them. (Score 1) 58

"Facebook will need to devise a way to get them to do so." I don't know how many people I've seen just skip pages or ignore notices because they just want things to work, and don't care how. I've been trying to convince my friends to fix their security issues and pay attention on what they clicks accept for on their new daily apps. I'm tired of seeing him scam ads and links spamming my news feeds.

Comment Re:But I like the start menu... (Score 1) 862

I'd agree. Removing the start menu may force me to leave a folder open so I have a quick way to search and click one of my network drives.
If any part of the start menu I don't use on a regular basis is the all programs part. Otherwise the docked icons and pinned start menu icons are what I use the most. A quick search leads me to those I don't use often enough. Next to that, the right click menu for files I want to open with certain programs.

I'd rather keep my desktop clean of icons and widgets. The most it does is rotate through pictures when I'm not using it.
Why leave a monitor on if it's not doing anything? Turn them into digital picture frames!

Comment Teamwork = Teams in any form (Score 1) 56

If a group of people play online on the same game and interact, then it's teamwork in some form. No matter what term you call it. If they want to take "Gangs" out of online games. Then take multiplayer out completely. As long as two people have the ability to be allies, there is going to be teams, as they put it, gangs.

Comment Can it be a simple fix? (Score 1) 185

I, as a gamer, have seen some popular MMO games that require a PIN, either numbers, letters, or a combination. There is a catch, every time you click a character, the letters/numbers on the screen rearrange. Just set a feature to rearrange the characters and that basically fixes the visual tracing. Now just got to buy a private filter, like for monitors, and put it on your phone so no one can find out your SSN, phone number, or card pin number.

School Uniform To Block Cell Phone Emissions 153

Foehg writes " reports, 'A Belarusian textile company has developed a special school uniform that protects kids from electromagnetic radiation emanating from their cellphones. The uniform features a dedicated pocket that can store the phone and make it safe for those who wear it.'" Now someone has to create an oven mitt that can protect you from the harmful radiation given off by your microwave oven.

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