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Comment Re:"Linux Command Line Tirckery" HA! (Score 1) 642

Again, no arguments that CLI is superior to GUI. But you do seem like the kind of person that tells other they should learn to use their tools. So I just figured, I'd point out that you don't seem to know how to use Windows 7's basic functions.

Suppose you want to delete everything from a directory that was created in the past 24 hours.

Filter by date, just use the little check box that says in the last day. I know, very hard to use.

Or if you want to find all the TIFF files under a tree, and move them to a single directory?

This one is much harder, use the top right search, for TIFF, after the search, shouldn't take but a few seconds, ctrl+a, ctrl+x, and ctrl+p where you want them. Was that too much, should I slow down? Maybe you only wanted TIFF files that were between 100k and 1MB? Or maybe just the ones tagged with "Learn how to use your tools" just use the filter for that aswell.

Or even just batch renaming

Clearly you got me on this one. It is crappy, but you just mentioned batch renaming.

Anyhow, enjoy your day.

Comment Re:"Linux Command Line Tirckery" HA! (Score 1) 642

While I do agree that CLI will always be more powerful than the GUI. I'm going to have to ask if you used Windows 7? And if you have I suggest you learn how to use it. Each of your questions you can now do straight from the Windows Explorer and it is very simple. As a side note you've been able to do batch renaming defaulty since Windows XP.

Comment Re:I am very sceptical... (Score 1) 1093

Just doing a quick -- very quick peer review of your post:

Just a heads up... Republicans until this year had the White House for the "last several years". Democrats had control congress for overwhelming majority of those "last several years."

So while the parent post isn't quite right about how exactly the money gets handed out, his silent point that the Democrats are the one handing out the money; therefore, the research is slightly slanted still stands.

But his point is amiss to be honest. Basically congress will spend our (read: actual tax payers) money on anything, they really don't care what it is about. Take the study that was released that Men like to look at women in Short skirts.

Comment Re:Communal != Communism (Score 1) 554

So currently I only have very low copays for my health insurance with everything else my employer picking up. With the suggested new programs I'll be paying real money (read; thousands) into a the system. Also in the process getting worse coverage. You don't think that's going to bother me?

Comment Re:Communal != Communism (Score 4, Insightful) 554

geoffrobinson is correct here.

Think about it this way.

When you choose to help your fellow man you are happy. You feel a kinship with them.

But when I'm taxed or forced to help in another way... I get no joy from this. Most of the time you feel put out. (Get off your and do something to better yourself ! -- for example)

Hardware Hacking

Submission + - How reliable is computer memory these days?

olddoc writes: I remember reading about cosmic rays causing memory errors and how errors become more frequent with more RAM. That was in the days of 512MB systems. Now home PCs are stuffed with 6GB or 8GB and no one uses ECC memory in home PCs. Recently I had consistant BSODs with Vista64 on a PC with 4GB and I tried memtest86 and it always failed within hours. Yet when I ran 64bit Ubuntu at 100% load and using all memory it ran fine for days. I have 2 questions: 1) Do people trust a Memtest86 error to mean a bad memory module or motherboard or CPU? 2) When I check my email on my desktop 16GB PC next year, should I be running ECC memory?

Comment Wait? What? (Score 2, Informative) 250

I don't like the new policy. In fact I'll be switching to netflix because of it. But saying that it was changed without notice is crazy.

Not only did I get an e-mail on this change, it was posted on the front page as an alert, and I was told when I returned some envelopes for rentals.

Maybe you just didn't pay any attention?

Comment Re:Misleading headline, and ActiveX (Score 1) 380

Right. Everybody knows the name "Microsoft Internet Explorer" for being an insecure shell extension(or whatever it is, but it's not a standalone browser) as well as being the "browser" which is having its ass kicked by FireFox and every other real browser out there.

That's right. FireFox is very secure.

Comment Re:Childish (Score 1) 550


If my mother told me to do as I was told or else she was going to smack me. And yet I would keep doing the opposite of what I was told I should expect to be slapped. And I would.

The problem was the previous 8 years the UN / US would till Iraq what they had to do only to follow it up with little to no teeth. So Saddam didn't expect Bush to follow through with his threat.

But he did. Something that should have been done well prior to Bush showing up in office.

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