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Submission + - New Scientifically Validated Fitness Device to Compete with Fitbit et al. (

LifeIs0x2A writes: A new fitness tracking device is set to compete with Fitbit and alike, but in a more reliable, scientifically validated way. It focuses on cross-fitness exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, squats, box jumps etc. and measures metrics like force, power, balance etc. In cross-fitness excercises it's not only important to know how many repetitions of one exercise you did, but also exactly how well you performed it. Especially when getting exhausted it is difficult for athletes to evaluate if they actually followed the ideal exercise motion. The PUSH fitness tracking device helps them to do all that throughout a whole series of excercises. In contrast to the sometimes rather deliberate output of other fitness activity measurement devices, the PUSH device is concipated to reliably help athletes spot the weak points in their excercises and how to improve them. The developers of the device have recently started an Indigogo campain:
Full disclosure: I'm not involved in the company launching the campain, but my company is collaborating with them for the development of some of the core technology.

Comment Re:Misleading summary (Score 1) 459

Actually, while the earthquake last year was certainly terrible, people are now talking about another "even bigger one" to come. This time in the Tokyo area. The talking about the "big one" has been going on for years. Now to continue talking, people have to make up something even bigger. I am not saying that one should ignore the fact that this is an area very prone to earthquakes, but I think that given the unpredictability of such events, talking about "the super-big one" coming soon is about the same as saying "a huge earthquake has happened last year, so there won't be another big one for a few decades". In either case one should keep on taking precautions, but not be nervous about when finally the next desaster is going to happen. Anyway, in general people here in Japan seem to handle this very well.

Comment Shrink tubes! (Score 2) 208

Lots of them. In all sizes!

No, but it pretty much depends on what your are going to be working on. I would have this pretty basic list of things:
1. Nice four-channel color Textronics oscilloscope
2. SMD soldering station (Maker: Gote)
3. Fluke Multimeter
4. Desoldering equipment
5. Various probes
6. Various pliers
7. Some holder for your PCBs
8. Magnifying glass (with light)
9. Wires in various diameters and colors + super thin copper wire
10. Various connectors and the equipnent to crimp them

The rest I would get but while you are working. You will figure out what else you going to need soon enough.

1. Large (!) table in the middle of the room
2. Cubboards with shelves
3. Boxes and subboxes to put on these shelves with parts etc.

Don't put too much furniture in. Space to move is important.

If you want to do more complex stuff it might be good to get a logic analyser. But you also need to have someone who knows how to use it.

Comment Re:so true! (Score 1) 767

I realized a day's work of coding meant sitting in one spot, staring at chars/text, thinking, and then more of the same. Even the 2-3 hours of coding "lab" was absurd, to me. I was NOT ok with this style of work. I realized the CS path was clearly for someone else and moved on.

I totally agree. But there are ways to make up for that. It depends on your workplace, but I live close to the sea, so even during work when I feel like I have to get excercise I go out surfing. Although it interrupts my workflow, I think it makes me more efficient, because my mind turns things around while I am away from the computer.

Comment Re:There is nothing special about programming (Score 1) 767

Now computers have developed into so powerful that such things just aren't required anymore.

It might not be necessary to optimize code to do something simple, but to do complex operations that touch the limits of available computing, of course optimization is essential. Just because the scale changes doesn't mean the problem goes away.

What is the programmers job in reality? To put out code as fast as possible. It's often very boring, too. 99% of programming is just putting together function calls and libraries others have already coded. There hardly is any "challenge" as so many programmers on Slashdot like to put it. In reality it's boring as hell.

Well, welcome to reality, programming is not the only interesting job in the world that still gets boring from time to time. Talking about "hardly any challenge" why don't you try to solve one of the marathon match problems on Topcoder. But I guess that's no challenge for your either. I know, just a bit of cut and paste and so on. You probably wouldn't even have to type. Just drag and drop fragments from stuff others have already coded. You know, that's actually how all the code in all programms came into existence. One person once wrote Hello World! on one early computer and from then on it was just copy and paste. Well now that I think about it, probably that's how the whole universe was created. Atoms are pretty much all the same too after all. Man, how about you create a religion or something. The Church of Copy and Paste!

Comment Dumbest security questions 1st price: Mizuho bank! (Score 1) 408

Anyone else here who has an online banking account at Japanese Mizuho bank? Everytime I change browser or logged in from a different computer in the meantime I have to answer these questions again: What is your favourite drink? What is you favourite fruit? What is your favourite meal? Was it Spagetti Bolognese or did I write meatballs when I first logged in? Did I like lions at that time or was it Zebras? Quite existential questions to ask when you actually just would like to transfer your rent.
It might be safe but it is really an annoying joke. And additionally the Japanese language makes it even more fuzzy. Which alphabet did I use to answer the question? I 1000x prefer two step authentification ala gmail. But for a slower than snails on a tree shop like Mizuho Bank that is going to take decades to implement..

Comment Re:As a Professional Developer... (Score 2) 202

If you're proficient in practically any language, find a small under 10 person company to work for and it almost doesn't matter what you do they'll think you walk on water.

No offence taken. Why do you think I founded my own company? :-) Like that I can witness myself walking on water every single day!

It got to the point that the bosses daughter was bringing me home cooked meals to my desk everyday already heated up and ready to go. I'll stop there.

I have to admit, that sounds tempting..

The point is if Google won't hire you then fuck them. If you have some skills then alpha the fuck up and network. There are plenty of opportunities for the taking.

Right, actually it was a good thing they didn't take me. I think what I'm doing now is the right way.

Comment Re:As a Professional Developer... (Score 1) 202

Same here.. After being somewhere in the peasant area on Topcoder for years and having been refused a job as software developer at Google in the first interview round, I wonder how I can still make a living more or less programming all day long. Wait, maybe that's why it takes all day for me to finish things. The guy in the article would finish all my work in five minutes :-) Well, at least that probably means that software / hardware development is not just about raw coding skills.

Comment Re:Raspberry Pi? (Score 4, Insightful) 137

Good idea, but BeOS is lacking the massive software repository that Debian Linux (the current platform for the Pi) is offering, minus the huge development community. The same problem that prevents it from spreading on other platforms as well. Anyway it would be a great alternative. Especially for educational purposes as it is a very clean and efficiently structured OS.

Comment Re:Cheap $70-80 million if they stick to the budge (Score 1) 171

It is a good thing the US didn't listen to its citizens in California before launching its Mars missions:

A demand supply gap was created by energy companies, mainly Enron, to create an artificial shortage.

Doesn't sound like the problem here was a weak power grid. Have you ever been to India? If you look at the rural areas you would realize that the last thing the country needs is a space program. That might be good for prestige, but doesn't address any of their more immediate problems.

Comment Re:Cheap $70-80 million if they stick to the budge (Score 2, Interesting) 171

Because it's probably gonna be more than that and then I'm quite sure something is gonna fail somwhere along the way. Just a few days ago one third of the population of India has been without electricty for a few hours. How about the government invest their money into a stable power grid first.

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