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Comment Re:Surprised it took them this long (Score 2) 76

Beehive Forums has this feature. It has a "worm" mode function where if a user is flagged with that, they can see all their posts... but nobody else can. It is similar to Reddit's shadowban.

It works well, because instead of the troll creating yet another sock from a different IP, they will spew their nonsense all over the place, and nobody will be the wiser.

I've wanted a feature where an admin could post with a flag where only admins and the troll could see the reply, mainly to keep the troll interested in keeping the account that nobody else sees. Perhaps an ELIZA-esque bot can reply to the troll (again, where only the troll would see the reply) which keeps them busy.

Comment Re: Wait.. (Score 1) 115

Before Boot Camp came out, there was a contest to get Windows XP running directly on the Mac hardware. Vista ran without issue since it groks UEFI, but it took the Boot Camp release before XP could do the same. Every subsequent Windows version can run directly on the Mac hardware, although there are driver issues and oddball stuff. For example, the Apple-specific CD-ROM init sequence before their optical drive wakes up or the driver to enable the F-keys.

Comment Re:no (Score 1) 115

It is nice to have all data in one place. What Apple needs to look at is some virtualization technology, either by licensing VirtualBox, VMWare or Parallels, or rolling their own hypervisor. Ideally, a tier 1 hypervisor like Hyper-V would be the best, but a tier 2 would be better than nothing.

Comment Re:No invites, no job... (Score 1) 28

In my experience, sending calendar invites is a must-have. That's how I obtained job interviews, sent notices to clients, and so on.

What would be nice is if iOS had the ability to only let a list of people or contact list group have the ability to send invites. Others, it would prompt, and if denied, would just leave the invite as an E-mail, without letting the sender know it was received. I can do this with Outlook, but I rather see this part of the native functionality of the E-mail client, since it is so commonly used.

Comment Re:Define "Fully" automated (Score 1) 278

It's (kind of) both. It is true that a lot of pruning and training goes into getting fruit trees to be the desired shape, but there is also a genetic component. Trees which have been bred to be short (and usually also cold tolerant & disease resistant) are used as rootstocks for a lot of fruit trees, with the above ground portion that produces the fruit being grafted onto those roots. The end result is dwarf trees that are easier to work with. True, this isn't genetic engineering, but it is a bit more than just pruning.

Comment Yes (Score 4, Insightful) 278

The ultimate thing about farming is that it is not easy. Harvesting of fruits and vegetables, in particular, is long, hard, laborious work. As economies develop, there's going to be less people wanting to do that for the prices consumers want to pay. Mechanized harvesting is already employed in a lot of agronomic crops (corn, rice, wheat, soy, ect) and some horticultural crops. The difficulty is going to be getting machines that are able to tell when to pick, how to pick, and how to avoid damaging the crop. Some things might still have to be done by hand (pruning of tree fruit, which is an art and a science, comes to mind), but in general, mechanized agriculture will be the future, and I think that's a good thing.

Comment Re: Sigh. (Score 1) 196

Slap a case on it, get some insurance, and use a secure backpack to lock it up when out and about. Travelon and PacSafe make some decent secure backpacks. For security on the machine, FileVault Pro, and have the user that unlocks FV different from your usual user. That way, an attacker is confronted with the much longer FV boot password user if trying to turn the laptop on, while your day to day user can have a shorter PW.

Comment Re: Value for money (Score 1) 196

I have fairly large sized collection. It isn't tough to copy the files to a SD card (rsync), but since I have a YouTube subscription, I just let the music application scan through the collection, then I can just download the songs from Google. Of course, there is the privacy aspect, but the advantage is that you can download what you want to listen to fairly easily when you are away from your music collection.

Of course, Android has some nice music players available, and depending on phone, there might be a utility to allow easier copying of files.

Comment Re:Another known trick (Score 1) 22

I've wondered why passwords are used. With the tech we have (including a way to ensure the clock is set correctly via NTP), why not use both a service password and a OTP using a TOTP mechanism like the Google Authenticator? Done right with the key inputted to a device [1] handed to the service person, they wouldn't be able to extract the TOTP seed, which would prevent someone selling the password.

Or, perhaps add a smartcard to the mix. The US government uses PIV/CACs all the time, why not use that tech in an ATM?

[1]: This device could even be an iPod Touch. I keep one of these around just for the sole purpose of working with Duo and Authy, just in case I lose my phone. It wouldn't be too difficult for a bank to make a dedicated device that would lock itself if taken outside a geofenced area.

Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 280

Similar here. I'm proud of what I have done with my coding, as it solved a problem and fills a need.

Now, coding style and such... I wind up refactoring everything so it is more readable, files are replaced with constants rather than hard coded, adding some error checking, adding "set -euo pipefile" if in bash, etc. Since scripting is a one-off item, the sooner I can put things like that in a manifest, recipe, or playbook, the better.

Comment Re:Time Capsule (Score 1) 238

Synology and QNAP NAS products offer Time Machine compatibility. It isn't tough to set up (make a directory, share it), but it is an acceptable replacement for a Time Capsule. As an added bonus, you can have units that have RAID protection, and be able to take the TM stash and snapshot/back that up to a separate place (although you are backing up a backup.)

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