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Comment Re:MATE (Score 1) 386

I'm getting used to MATE since I switched from Cinnamon (beautiful, but heavy on the system) some weeks ago, but the default settings are really ugly and I have trouble finding a good theme to replace it...
I use Black which has some good things in it, but on slashdot textboxes (like where I type this message) the text appears white on white, so it's really not practical.
What would be the best UI settings to use then?

Comment Re:While its not my cup of tea (Score 1) 656

Well, though dominatrixes may be their own sort of evil (remember Matrix III ?), the female equivalent of a Gorean would be a gynarchist, and yes some of these are reaaaally a problem for those they prey upon.
Doesn't mean that private life shouldn't stay private nor that such Spanish Inquisition would be expected from an open-source project as respected as Drupal, obviously.

Comment Re:Morons are running the USA (Score 1) 649

Yes, because obviously all the non-Trump people - from Kennedy to Obama - clearly funded quality public education for everyone, and that's why every american has learned critical thinking at school and college. So now every american is perfectly able to find the truth amongst the tons of political propaganda coming from everywhere; and the people voting for Trump did it through sheer meanness and out of desire of being stripped of their healthcare!

Comment Re: why should i care?` (Score 1) 555

Well, we can hope that Slashdot never give you mod points, since you lie shamelessly: Berkeley students organized peaceful protest against professional troll, which one may or may not think is a good thing, but certainly is their right.
Then during this protest external and masked people came and did violent acts, which again one may consider justified or unjustified, but certainly cannot be blamed at Berkeley U which had nothing to do with that.

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