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Comment Re:Only a fraction of US munitions... (Score 1) 198

Actually, no, Daemonik is right on this point, ISIS is an apocalyptic sect who wants nothing except total dominance over their enemies, which means that negotiating with them is nonsense, and their grievances are largely irrational.

WHY an apocalyptic sect of madmen using ultraviolence to advance their agenda (and who openly promises to make slavery great again) rose to power in the middle-east is, yes, a result of American actions: the bombing and occupying have shattered the idea of a possible rule of law or popular sovereignty, and convinced important parts of the Sunni population to accept ISIS as a lesser evil.

You have to separate both concepts : addressing the grievances of the population who more or less support ISIS, or the even larger population who won't fight it because they know that western powers will never let them choose their own policies even if they get rid of ISIS, is certainly a good strategy (both morally and politically); thinking there is a possible common ground with ISIS is delusive.

Comment Re:Stop breathing! (Score 1) 559

To be more precise, one realistic wording would be "from what we know so far we can say that amongst these people there are terrorists, people who fought in regular or guerilla warfaire against an invading military and are labeled terrorists, and some innocents; and we - the people - don't know who are what".
This gets the "presumption of innocence" for each individual right, but is not bullshitting like claiming that they are all "innocents till proved guilty".

Comment Re:both sides??? (Score 1) 89

From the article that someone linked below, I get that hiring unqualified (or at least unlicensed) teachers to deliver a scripted standardised curriculum is the official practice of the school: whether it is a bad idea, a full scam or an innovative way of reducing costs via computerized lessons is open to debate (debate into which I will not enter since I have not checked the actual schools).
So, maybe someone is lying, but maybe there are just two different conceptions of education in confrontation here.

Comment Re:Here we go.... (Score 1) 667

I remember when watching "V" that the "scientists plot" propaganda seemed outlying unbelievable: I mean, everybody's been to high school and has been taught the basis of the scientific methods, so there's no way a politician could single out scientists as a whole and have crowds believe him...

What went wrong?

Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 1321

About the TheDonald folks, I've read about them (I tried to surf on Reddit a while ago but wasn't able to filter the noise) but could never figure what is their demographic: do they actually turn in greater numbers than the white nationalists you pointed first?

And in unrelated note, could you explain to a foreigner how the evangelist group came to vote so massively for a godless narcissist?

Comment Re:Here's the solution: Don't look. (Score 1) 135

You need to understand that pornographic producers work in a market, and a very competitive one.

And in this market, since competition scarcely rely on talent and imagination, a not negligible part of it relies on being trashier than the competitor.

You might remember the "golden age of porn" being much more about a man and a woman having sex (or two men if they were so inclined, or two women) than about gang-bang bukkakke (or other acts that are not made because the potential viewer is attracted to them but for shock value).

So, even if I'm not in favor of a "moral majority" of closet perverts making the rules, it's not obvious that no rules are required. And it certainly isn't true that videos sold on the market do not affect people who don't look at this video, considering that they do affect what becomes "market standards".

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