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Comment Re:Complete nonsense (Score 1) 400

I take it you've not used customer support recently. Remember all of those humans who used to follow a script in call centres? Now they're tier 2 support - a chat bot is tier 1 and if you divert from the script too much it will elevate you to tier 2. Again, it doesn't have to be 100%, it even 90%. A chat bot that can help 50% of people will let you halve your workforce (and make customers happier, because 50% of them will never be waiting in a queue).

Exactly, and even if it can't help 50% of people they still will be put in production and get rid of the workforce (remember, the ones making the decision to use a chatbot for client service never have to actually call the chatbot)...

Comment Re:Abolish Jobs (Score 1) 192

The focus on "the almighty dollar" is actually a focus on "goods and services needed and desired by humans".

While I get your point, you're still wrong. Focus on "the almighty dollar" is actually a focus on calculating everything, and especially transfer of property.
There are certainly situations where there IS a need to calculate transfer of property, basically to ensure that everyone gets his share, but making these calculations the alpha and omega of all human relations is certainly not a law of nature - in many societies family relations are not calculation-based, for example.

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