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Comment A worrying sign (Score 3, Insightful) 63

Some of the info given about BG are really interesting. This caught my eye

Some parts of BG seem simple now, and many perceived character relationships were outright imaginary. The players imposed their own perceptions on those tiny sprites and unrecorded text.

This engaging the player's imagination is a very powerful tool since it allows each person's experience to be personal. Here is how they describe Dragon Age

With full quality voice and cinematic visuals, the characters provide a huge array of responses in no uncertain terms.

I fear the uncanny valley also apply to exposition. The more you anticipate how the relationships between the characters could go, the more artificial it could seem to the players, because it will only reflect what the designers think could happen.

Comment Cloud computing should be proprietary right now (Score 1) 93

Skimming through the comments here, they seems to break down into several categories:

  • Don't need it because I can do it myself.
  • It is just like some other technology.
  • Beware of vendor lock in.

I don't see any posts talking about

here is what we used cloud computing for and here are the problems with the current platforms.

This tells me that whatever this technology is, it is still early and people are still testing the water. If we want some kind of standard or open implementation of clouds, we are going to need much more people using it to explore what is good and bad about the model.

The beginning of a new technology should be about trying to find the limits of it. It is stupid to worry about open or proprietary before we even know if people will want it. The proprietary people are getting first crack at it because they think it will make them money. So let them find out what the issues are and if they can make money.

After they do your R&D for you, then you can make an open and free version. That's been the model of most successful open source projects.

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