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Comment Windows 95: The beginning of the end? (Score -1) 461

Windows 95 reminds me of an old Eagles song:

Life in the Crash lane
Surely make you lose your mind
Life in the crash lane, everything all the time
Life in the crash lane, uh huh
Blowin' and burnin', blinded by thirst
They didn't see the stop sign,
took a turn for the worse

Windows 95 was a house of cards that wasted thousands of hours of millions of people who lost their work and had to have their computers "repaired" on an ongoing basis. Not fond memories, I tell you.

I switched to Linux in 97, and although there were many other issues, once you got it running, it stayed that way.

Comment Two irrelevants joining will remain irrelevant (Score 3, Insightful) 77

Yahoo by making itself technologically dependent on Microsoft for 10 years has given up on search. This effectively puts Yahoo out of business. It's a golden parachute for Yahoo's executives but jeopardizes any chances that Yahoo will ever be able to play in the search business again.

As for Microsoft, it allows microsoft to gain instantly a few percentage points in web search, which should allow them to extract higher ad fees.

Microsoft is patient and they hope that they are buying 10 years with which to figure out how to bring down Google. They have enough money, but when it comes to the web, I think Microsoft is largely irrelevant.

If it wasn't for their desktop monopoly, nobody would even care about anything LIVE. They shove that stuff down users throat every time a user tries to download messenger, which they are only interested in because of the network effects that allowed Messenger to become relevant in the first place. I remember when no one even knew what messenger was and people hated it initially, but it kept popping up after every single XP install and telling people that they needed an account and enough people fell for this crap.

Only another Google-like startup could outgoogle google, but it certainly won't be Microsoft or Microsoft and Yahoo's dead skeleton.

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