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Comment Re:Anonymous Coward (Score 3, Interesting) 554

It's a testament to the state of our political discourse that we think of those terms in an either/or manner. There's a reason those two words have the same root, and were both used long before Karl Marx took pen to paper.

The maxim "from each according to their ability, to each according to their need" is precisely what's going on when you're helping your neighbor move out without charging him a fee or putting a similar condition on your act. Up until comparatively recently, market behavior was understood to be the precise opposite of "community," and was not welcome in it.

Submission + - Detective: Only Pedophiles Play Animal Crossing (

porcupine8 writes: KMIZ, a Missouri ABC affiliate, is running a brief story about the possibility of predators using online Wii games such as Animal Crossing: City Folk to communicate with children. It should come as no surprise to anyone by now that pedophiles would use an internet-based means of communication to find victims, though the article notes that so far only three children in Missouri have been targeted in this way. The less obvious conclusions come from Detective Andy Anderson, coordinator of the Mid-Missouri Internet Crimes Task Force, who claims that "There is no reason an adult should have this game [AA:CF]." He goes on to admit that "The equipment is real expensive and we cannot afford to buy all of the systems and do not have the resources either to examine all of the possibilities," which makes one wonder on what he is basing his assertions.

Comment Re:No wonder Apple wants to stop Psystar (Score 1) 615

Ah, the ProCD case. That was featured prominently in my first year Contract Law course - of course, the professor (a rather free-market conservative type) neglected to mention that such a view is actually in the minority when looking at Federal Circuit and District decisions on the matter (and the Supreme Court has yet to take such a case up).

So really, be careful which state you happen to be in when you open that shrink-wrapped game. ;)

Submission + - Botnet stumping for Ron Paul?

OakDragon writes: Ron Paul's main support springs from the Internet. I suspect many Slashdot regulars support him (at least among those the support Republicans). But could some of his supporters be, let's say, less than human? Some researchers from the University of Alabama at Birmingham say that a flurry of emails supporting Paul is the work of botnets. The Wired story says:

Some participants in the online political world have long suspected Paul's technically sophisticated fan base of manipulating online tools and polls to boost the appearance of a wide base of support.

Don't everybody speak up at once, now...

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