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Comment Re:Yeah, not a surprise (Score 0) 558

a release in 120 days is immediate (those days are to begin a transition to post-prision life, not punishment)

I am certain that there are many private citizens and organizations that are willing to help Chelsea Manning transition to private life outside of the prison system and can do so better and more humanely than the prison system can. I am sure many people would be willing to donate to such a cause. If a reputable private organization gathering funds for that cause emerges, I will contribute Bitcoin immediately to help out.

Comment Re:There is more to this story... (Score 1) 397

It's Free Software ("Open Source"). After a project becomes a GNU project (or an IBM project, or a Microsoft project, or whatever), the license allows GNU to continue working on the project whether the original maintainer likes it or not. That's not abusive.

The original maintainer can quit working with GNU, the original maintainer can keep working on the original branch of the software, both sides can claim they are the original and the other is the fork, and there's nothing wrong with any of that. In fact it's beautiful and wonderful and helps us all.

Comment Re:Presumed consent (Score 1) 445

But what this law is effectively doing is removing ownership of the deceased person from the family and passing it to the state.

Exactly! And while I'm sure we all know some people who have terrible families, I think the state is all too happy to play on fears of individual families making the "wrong" decision and to present itself as the enlightened benevolent decision maker who should have the right to decide.

Just to throw out some "slippery slope" possibilities -- could the government also decide that you are "opt-in" to a DNR order by default?

That is the specific slippery slope scenario I have in mind. And I've actually worried about that since the late 1980s.

Comment Re:Um... they haven't really done any of that (Score 1) 1069

The federal gov't were the ones that put a stop to the farce that was "Separate but Equal". They broke up the Trusts. They enabled the Unions that created the middle class. They bring in real and effective disaster relief and keep our shipping ports open. The State governments have proven themselves powerless to stand against even the smallest tyrannies time and time again. Look at Flint, Mi's Water supply (that Gov Snyder is still fighter the cleanup of) and the complete breakdown in Democracy it represented.

And they established a fantastically effective and expensive compulsory school system to teach all this stuff so that would noone would ever question the need for a strong federal government

Comment Re:Immigration policy is not hate speech (Score 1) 1058

I suppose you could get together with some of your neighbors and set up some sort of collective arrangement where everybody agrees on rules for appropriate behaviour and collectively uses force to make sure that outsiders do not violate these agreements, but that that point you've basically reinvented government.

No, at that point what you have is one possible service provider in a potentially competitive market - as opposed to the monopoly system we have now.

Comment Re:Immigration policy is not hate speech (Score 1) 1058

No, under anarchy, you have the right to defend yourself; you just don't have the right to force other people to pay for your defense. So, for example, if you believe you need to go to war against brown people in the Middle East to defend yourself, you could; you just couldn't force everybody who disagrees to support you financially and give their children up for a draft.

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