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Comment Improving windows! (Score 2, Insightful) 79

The attack allows an admin user to execute code in a high-integrity context without requiring the user to approve the administrative action via the UAC pop-up.

Thank goodness! I've been looking for a way around those annoying popups ever since they first arrived in Windows, and I know I'm not the only one.

Comment Re:How do I stream to multiple TVs in my house (Score 1) 204

VLC is a client for playing video and audio files

There's a VLC client app for FireTV. The description page says it plays network streams, but if that's true, there's no visible way to use this functionality in the app.

Meanwhile, the VLC on my PCs can stream and be received by VLC on other PCs. I'd like to do similarly with the VLC app on the FireTV stick.

Comment Re:Aw (Score 2) 59

I missed most of DS9 when it originally aired. My wife and I watched through the whole show two years ago, and I was amazed to see him because up till that point I only knew him as Lieutenant Murtaugh. Who was exactly the way you describe Star Trek admirals, so I was quite surprised to see the same actor portray someone so differently on DS9. Very versatile guy.

Comment I never have this problem (Score 3, Insightful) 159

I recently ran into troubles trying to get reasonable quality of support from an anti-virus vendor

rotfl, I can't imagine getting much support at all for that.

How do other Slashdotters look to address companies that behave poorly and seek to only provide at best their minimum legal requirements?

I don't buy proprietary software.

Comment Re:How do I stream to multiple TVs in my house (Score 3, Insightful) 204

Why would you want to perform streaming at the application level like that? SMB or NFS are so much more flexible, convenient, widely supported, and you can use any media player program you like. Seriously what's the appeal of app-level streaming?

I want multiple TVs in my house to be playing the same video or audio at the same time, at the same point. I'd like to be able to start a movie for the family in the living room, go into the kitchen 20 minutes later to make popcorn, and turn on the kitchen and see the same program the family is watching in the living room.

Can I use NFS or SMB to do that?

Comment How do I stream to multiple TVs in my house (Score 3, Interesting) 204

I recently installed the VLC app for FireTV stick and figured out how to stream from VLC on my PC. But I found that the VLC app couldn't work with a stream; it could only play files from network accessible storage like an SMB shared drive.

I'm not necessarily asking the developers here - can anyone tell me how to stream to my three FireTV sticks across the house? Do I need to replace the FireTV sticks with some other more capable device? Will the FireTV VLC app ever support streaming?

Comment Still no emoji/unicode on Slashdot (Score 2) 331

And yet I still can't post Emoji here because Slashdot doesn't support Unicode, even after SoylentNews led the way showing how to do so for the same software over a year ago.

If I post a pistol emoji, it looks like this: ðY"

Emoji may not be something most of us like, but they make a great test for seeing if a site supports unicode or not.

Comment "Counterfeit" (Score 3, Insightful) 39

I really appreciate businesses who sell "counterfeit" goods, or as I like to call them "knock offs." They are usually much more affordable but still serviceable versions of the expensive product somebody else wants me to buy. As long as there's no lying (fraud) going on, I don't think they should get to use the force of law to take away my choice to buy what I want from people who are willing to sell it.

The fact is that some folks want to charge more for their product and competition from cheaper competitors makes that more difficult.

As for "counterfeiting," the US government just keeps creating more and more dollars, so I'm not sure they should sit in judgment of anyone for something called "counterfeiting." Somehow this is a bad thing if a private citizen does it but a great thing for government to do, by their logic. Seems like the same story: they don't want anyone cutting in on their profits.

Comment Re:Evidence based medicine (Score 1) 257

Wow, I wish someone had read this when I had two children age 2 and under and the government took all the infant cold and flu medication off the market because there was "no direct evidence" that the medicine helped children that young.

(I still think taking medicine away from babies is one of the most despicable things a person could ever do. How do they sleep at night? Probably better than all the parents with sick children who can barely breathe, I guess.)

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