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Google Adds To Mozilla's Push For 'Do Not Track' 128

AndyAndyAndyAndy writes "In a morning blog post, Google announced the release of a Chrome plug-in called 'Keep My Opt-Outs,' which hopes to block all tracking cookies. Interestingly, it is released as open-source with the hopes that it will gain quick deployment on non-Chrome browsers and find a robust foothold against ads. The story is also covered at Computerworld, which has broader insight into the issue, looking at Google, Mozilla and Firefox, and seems to indicate more rapid change is looming — potentially from the FCC itself."

Comment Re:so they've rebranded vista... (Score 1) 720

I have to say that I have had the opposite experience with the RC. I think my system is at least as fast as a fresh XP install, and my hardware is not new at all. I never tried Vista on this machine, but the overall interface change was not worth the hassles for Vista, for 7 I think the new launch bar alone is worth it.

Comment Re:Pavement (Score 1) 712

Here in New Hampshire I had snow on my roof from the second storm right up through the middle of April. So November to April. It all depends on the insulation and air circulation in the attic. Poor air circulation in the winter leads to melted snow, and also means that you are most likely wasting a ton of energy heating the space above your house. I think at 64 we had the heat on a total of 4 hours a day the other hours it was 65+ with sub freezing temps outside and single pane windows.

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