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Comment Re:Nice, can you do it for your other phones too? (Score 1) 120

"Apple has charged their Li-Ion and Li-Po batteries to around 85% for like, forever"? You mean, when my iPhone6 says it's 100% charged, it's really only 85% charged? So I actually don't need to worry about overcharging it? I would love to believe this!

Comment Why an EFF app at all? (Score 1) 220

Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't see why EFF wanted to develop even an Android app. If they wanted to "make it easier for people to take action on digital rights issues using their phone", why not write an HTML5 website? Is there some performance issue that would outweigh the simplicity of a single codebase and the assurance that as soon as they updated the site it would be up to date for all users?

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