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The Media

Journal Journal: Does America pay attention to anything but Iraq anymore? 1


Recently, I've been stunned by the media coverage lately of Iraq and Trent Lott, while the vaccine court amendment to the Homeland Security act is going completely unnoticed.

From what I understand, one of the preservatives in the MMR vaccine, which is now required after 1979 for anyone seeking public education in the US, has been linked to causing brain damage/autism/mercury poisoning in young children. Rather than look into this further, somebody (and nobody quite seems to know who) sponsored an amendment to H.R. 5005, Homeland Security, expanding the protection of vaccine producers, and indemnifying them from any losses based on their vaccines. And the fall guy/gentleman who admits to adding the amendment, Bob Armey, goes home after this term.

Wasn't this a plotline in Deus Ex? Any comments?

User Journal

Journal Journal: Ever notice how every Subway is an award winner? 2

So I dashed into a Subway last night for a sandwich, and as the Sandwich Artist(c) was making up my quasi-chicken breast sub, I noticed the framed "Most Increased Sales for a Month, Month:August 2002" certificate on the wall. And two things occured to me:

1. It was 1 August, 2002.

2. Every Subway I've ever fed from that was located in the continental US has won some award certificate. "Cleanest Bathrooms". "Most Improved Team Morale". "Most Pickles Served".

Does the Subway chain do this on purpose?


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